World Kindness Day: 11 Ways to be Kind to Animals

World Kindness Day: 11 Ways to be Kind to Animals

Sep 21, 2021
12 min

A pet’s love for their hoomans, as we all know but often forget, is one that is unconditional. So, what better way to reciprocate their love and affection for you than to show them some extra love this World Kindness Day? And while this year’s World Kindness Day (13th November) will be over by the time this article is published, we at perromart believe that we can and should be kind at all times to not just our own pets, but to animals both large and small, domesticated or wild. So, to belatedly celebrate World Kindness Day and simultaneously cap off the wondrous shopping spree event that is 11.11 Single’s Day on a good note, we thought it’d be nice to share with you 11 tips on how to be kind to animals.


How to show kindness to animals:


Explore the outdoors with your pet

Take some time off with your pet and enjoy the great outdoors. Explore that new trail, take a dip in the lake, meet new furry friends at the dog park, or host a doggie party in your backyard for your doggie and his neighborhood canine friends.


Help out a lost animal if you see one

If you can come across a pet that appears to be lost, try to help the animal find his owner or shelter by notifying authorities and posting online while making sure that the animal is safe. Just be careful for any signs of aggression.


Volunteer at animal shelters

pet shelter


Devote some of your time to volunteer at a local animal shelter. There are so many shelter residents that need some extra love, care, and attention. These animals are always on the lookout for somebody to pick them out from the rest and bring them to their forever home. If you don’t have the time, you can always donate. Your financial support can go a long way in providing for the needs of the shelter residents. You can also buy new toys for the residents of your local shelter. You will surely make them happy when you drop some interactive toys as well as catnip mice toys.


Adopt a pet, don’t buy

If you want to share your life and home with a pet, consider adopting from a shelter. Most of these places are filled to the rafters with unwanted, stray, or abandoned dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, and other pets, all dreaming of living a quality life in their forever homes. Adopting also means you are freeing some space for another unwanted pet to have a place to stay and food to eat.


Know what you’re in for, and prepare accordingly

Adopt a pet when only if you feel you are ready, as it is not a responsibility that should be taken lightly. The animal will demand your time and commitment. Before deciding to adopt, you should sit down and consider several important factors. In addition to providing a comfortable shelter, your pet will need decent-quality pet food such as Taste of the Wild for the dried food lovers, and Royal Canin for the wet food connoisseurs, that is appropriate for his lifestage, adequate physical and mental stimulation, quality veterinary care, and regular interaction.


Inculcate within children compassion for living creatures

boy and chick


Start teaching your kids to be compassionate and develop empathy for all living creatures from an early age, and it’ll pay off in the long run. Show them how to pet the right way and how to handle animals properly without causing any pain or discomfort. Children should also learn that the Golden Rule, “treating others as you want to be treated”, applies not only to humans but also to animals as well; as such, pulling an animal’s tail, hitting, or taunting them with dangerous objects is definitely a big no-no!


Neuter your pet to prevent overpopulation

Make the decision to have your pet spayed or neutered. Do your share in combating the overpopulation of cats and dogs by preventing unwanted litters. These procedures also offer other benefits to pets including the elimination of hormone-fueled behaviors and prevention of serious health issues like pyometra, testicular cancer, etc.


Spend close, quality time with your pet

holding cat


Don’t just spend time with your pet -spend close, quality time with them. Such interactions are very valuable to them, and will strengthen your bond with them. Hug them, play with them, and carry them around as much as you can. These are also excellent opportunities to take a closer look at your pet’s body for any signs of developing health issues that may warrant prompt veterinary attention and intervention.


Consider getting a microchip to tag your pet

In addition to having a durable collar and harness, consider having your pet fitted with a microchip. This is the most reliable form of pet identification so far. With a microchip, a lost pet has the best chance of being reunited with his owner. And be sure to keep your contact details updated in the microchip’s database at all times.


Choose cruelty-free products

Are you aware that more than 200,000 animals die in laboratories each year as a result of cosmetic testing? To discourage this practice, choose products from companies that don’t use animals to test their products. There are a lot of animal-friendly cosmetic products that you can find which are similar or even of better quality than products from these companies.


Support your local animal shelter

Buy from businesses that support your local Humane Society or animal shelters such as SPCA and Love Kuching Project. There are so many homeless animals that need food, shelter, veterinary care, and a roof over their heads. These organizations also sponsor spay/neuter programs and other activities that promote the health and well-being of animals.


These are just 11 of many ways to show your kindness to animals. How about you? How do you show compassion and kindness to your pets and other animals? If you are already practicing some or even more than what we recommended above, kudos to you! Keep doing what you are already doing, spread the word and educate others, and let’s make the world a kinder place for animals not just on World Kindness Day, but on a daily basis. Happy belated World Kindness Day!