Surviving a Singaporean Summer: Dog meets Heat

Surviving a Singaporean Summer: Dog meets Heat

Sep 21, 2021
7 min

Heat stress. Now that’s a word that you frequently hear in Singapore – But when it comes to your pooches, it’s a phrase that’s hardly uttered amongst dog owners. Perhaps it’s our penchant for constant air-conditioning to banish the heat – be it breezy pet cats or blissfully cool home interiors with the air-conditioning on high – but pet owners seem to be either unaware (or inattentive) to the sweltering heat that is our Sunny Singapore.


Right there? There’s Quinn, post-grooming and nice smelling. Naturally, he doesn’t smell that way anymore – He currently smells of… *sniffs Quinn* dandruff, oil and leaves. Mainly because he’s been rolling about the garden and chewing up dead leaves, it’s his new hobby. Sadly.


Nevertheless, it’s been a pain to keep Quinn cool and hydrated, especially during the warmer months and his fur starts to grow. And having the air-conditioning switched on 24/7 in desperate attempts to dispel the heat and cool Quinn down has started to wear on my dad, who has taken it upon himself to nag me about the growing electricity bill. 



1. Ditch the fan, try marble

Fans don’t work as effectively on dogs as they do on humans like us. If you’re experiencing parental-nagging that accompanies switching on the air-conditioning, you could try letting your dog lie belly down on the marble floor (common with most households), or even provide him with a nice cooling bed to solve your heat problem. You can find affordable ones here.

Even doge needs a cooling bed. Much soon.



2. Limit exercise on hot days

As much as I would like for Quinn to trot his way to a flatter belly and a firmer tush, that boy’s got some serious issues with the heat. First and foremost, he’s as furry as it gets. Secondly, he’s got no ‘stop’ button when it comes to running (he would run his way to Malaysia if allowed). Lastly, Quinn dehydrates pretty easily, due to the copious amounts of mucus and saliva he loses when he pants vigorously. Be a nice person, and put yourself in those tiny shoes: Would you rather jog on a nice cool day, or on a day where Satan reigns high in the sky? Think about it.


3. Think like a tree

Provide shade. If you’ve got a balcony, ensure that your stubborn pets (like Quinn) have something to lie under and cool themselves – Like a bench or something! If not, just ensure proper ventilation by opening two or more windows, and perhaps even a couple of fans around the house would greatly improve the general circulation in the house, and reduce the possibility of a potential heat stroke. Ahhhh.

That’s a sad, hot, pug. Don’t be THAT owner.



4. I provide Pup-sicles

Personally, I provide Quinn with homemade Ribena popsicles on hot days, or some watermelon juice (if the weather gets ridiculously hot). A quick search online would get you tons of Do-It-Yourself pops and treats for your dogs on a hot day. What I do is simple: Pour Ribena mixture (not too sweet!) into the ice-cube trays and freeze them for a couple of hours. Tadaaaaa! Happy Quinn is a less annoying Quinn, which makes Momma happy. Be gone, heat!