My Cat is Vomiting. What Can I Do?

My Cat is Vomiting. What Can I Do?

Apr 20, 2022
10 min

If you have been a cat owner for some time, chances are you might have seen your kitty throwing up.  If your cat throws up often in one day or a couple of times in a few days, chances are something is wrong. However, not all vomiting cases require to be treated or an emergency visit to the vet. Sometimes, all you need to do is change your furkid’s diet or give them some supplements.

Is Throwing Up Normal for Cats?

Anything that irritates your furry’s stomach and prevents what they eat from passing through the digestive tract can make them throw up. Vomiting for cats is common but not normal. If your cat is vomiting, something is triggering it. It could be that their stomach is irritated, or your cat is sick. Hence, whenever you see your cat vomiting, pay close attention and watch them closely.

What Causes Cats to Throw Up?

Cats do throw up for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, the cause might be mild, while it might be severe at other times. Throwing up in cats can be a sign of illness or reaction to what they eat. Here are some of the causes of cats throwing up:

1.    Hairballs

It is usual for cats to lick themselves. Most times, there are loose hairs on the coat, and they tend to pick and swallow the hairs when licking themselves. Over time, a lot of fur can accumulate in the stomach, which can be difficult or impossible to digest. When that happens, the cat will likely throw up a hairball.

2.    Foreign Objects

When cats eat foreign objects like a hair tie, pieces of string, or toy, they can block and damage the gastrointestinal tract, which can result in throwing up. If eating foreign objects is the cause of your cat’s vomiting, we recommend you visit a vet immediately.

3.    Upset Stomach

Upset stomach or gastroenteritis occurs due to dietary indiscretion, medication side effects, or toxins. Some causes of upset stomach are mild and do not require a veterinarian’s attention. However, some causes might be serious, and you would need a vet’s help.

4.    Severe Health Conditions

Severe health conditions like pancreatitis, hyperthyroidism, and kidney disease can cause severe vomiting. To resolve issues like these, you need to identify the underlying health condition. Take care of the health cause and stop the vomiting for good.

5.    Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Food Allergies

Allergies are not very common in cats. Nevertheless, if your cat eats an allergy-triggering food, it can cause inflammation of the digestive tract, resulting in vomiting. These conditions can also make some cats suffer chronic diarrhea.

6.    Parasites

Another common cause of vomiting for cats is parasites, especially common in kittens. If you see live worms in your cat’s vomit, this is likely the cause. To resolve this issue, all you have to do is treat the parasites.

Recommended Products for Resolving and Preventing Cats from Vomiting

Here are some premium quality products that can help prevent and resolve your cat’s vomiting issues.

  • Dom & Cleo Probiotics for Cats: This probiotics blend contains 30 billion colony forming units and eight friendly bacterial strains to support healthy immune and digestive systems. The supplement is suitable for cats of all life stages. You can also give it to dogs.
  • PetAg Hairball Natural Solution Gel Cats: This product naturally eliminates and prevents hairballs. It would prevent the vomiting and indigestion issues caused by hairballs in the stomach. The solution is free of petrolatum and contains vegetable oil, psyllium, and glycerin seed husk.
  • Kala Health Probiotix Improved Pet Supplements: This product contains prebiotics and DFMs to strengthen the gut with beneficial bacteria. It helps boost the digestive and immune health of cats, dogs, and other animals. You can also give it to cats suffering from diarrhea. The product contains only natural ingredients. It is 100 percent safe and highly effective. Kala Health Probiotix will prevent your cat from the common causes of vomiting.
  • Kala Health Digestix Digestive Enzymes: This product contains three classes of enzymes to enhance digestion. Many cats often throw up due to indigestion. With this product, your furry friend will not suffer indigestion issues anymore. The product contains lots of essential vitamins and minerals to boost the immune health of your cat, including vitamin A, B1-B6, B9, and B12.


Do not panic when you see your cat throwing up, as it is common for them to do so. There are many reasons why a cat could be throwing up. Knowing and identifying why your cat is vomiting is the first step to resolving the issue. If the vomit is becoming frequent, you would need a vet’s attention. The above products can also help prevent your furry friend from vomiting. They help aid digestion and improve immune health

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