List Of Pet-Friendly Airlines In Singapore

List Of Pet-Friendly Airlines In Singapore

Sep 13, 2021
14 min

With the Covid-19 situation easing, and more borders are opening up, plans to travel are on the rise. Travelling with your pets anywhere in the world can be a cause of anxiety, as many flights are not pet-friendly. Taking your pets to and out of Singapore can also be a hectic process, but don’t let them stop you from bringing your furry companion along! There are flights that can take your pets to wherever you need them to go and to bring them out of and into Singapore, either as passengers or as cargo.

List Of Pet-Friendly Airlines In Singapore

While these flights have rules and regulations that you need to follow if you are serious about using their services to transport your pet, they promise to good care of your pets.

1. Singapore Airlines

Pets can travel on Singapore Airlines as checked baggage or as cargo. To travel as checked baggage they must be at least three months old, but if your pet and its container weigh more than 32kg, your pet will have to travel in cargo.

Service dogs are allowed to be with you in the cabin, based on the regulations that countries have: some countries do not allow dogs in the cabin. If your dog is for emotional support, or assigned to you for a psychiatric reason, ensure that you have the dog’s documentation on a letter-headed paper of a licensed mental health professional/ institution.

Service dogs are classified as unchecked baggage, so the airline will carry it free of charge.

Website: www.singaporeair.com

2. Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways only accepts service dogs in the passenger cabin of their aircraft, and they also provide a freight service for pets. You have to book your pet’s flight before your own, and Qantas Freight provides unaccompanied pet travel for your pets.

There are a quite a number of restrictions on animal travel on Qantas Airlines. Certain dog breeds, including puppies and kittens that are under 8 weeks of age, animals that display aggressive behaviour, exhibit signs of excessive chewing or cage destruction, are not allowed on any Qantas transportation services.

Exotic pets, guard dogs, racing dogs, or live fresh water fish, amongst others, are not allowed on Qantas Airways but can be transported on Qantas Freight.

Website: www.qantas.com

3. Lufthansa

Pets are allowed to travel in the cabin and in the cargo area, but they have to be in containers the whole time. Lufthansa has certain requirements for the containers the pets come in. Some requirements are that they must be large enough for your pet to stand naturally, to turn around, and to lie down; it must be leakproof, and lined with absorbent material, like blankets; the containers should be made of strong plastic or wood, and should be escape-proof.

Lufthansa does not allow wore-mesh cages, or containers with sharp corners, nails, or edges that can cause the pet to injure itself. The containers must have ventilation holes, and the leash cannot be inside the container.

Website: www.lufthansa.com

4. Emirates

Pets are not allowed in the cabins of Emirates, but they can be transported as cargo or checked baggage, depending on where you are travelling to and the total amount of time the flight will take. You can carry any number of pets you want on Emirates flights, but this also depends on regulations set by countries you may be flying to. Two animals of roughly the same size can be transported in the same container, as long as they are used to staying together and they weigh 14kg or less.

Website: www.emirates.com

5. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines accepts pets, including cats and fishes, as accompanied baggage, as long as the pet has the country’s health and government regulations met; the pets are kept in aircraft holds; and the instruction for feeding and watering must be submitted in writing to the airline when your pet’s transport request has been accepted.

The weight of the container and the pet will be billed as excess baggage: there is no free baggage allowance.

Website: www.malaysiaairlines.com

6. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines transports all pets in the cargo hold. However, only certified service animals are allowed to accompany you in the passenger cabin, provided advanced reservations are made for the service animal, and you have prepared documentation required for them to travel.

Dogs and cats must be 8 weeks and older to travel on Japan Airlines, and they must be in good health, gentle, and should not smell. Pregnant pets, Bulldogs, and French bulldogs are not allowed on Japan Airlines, and the containers for carrying the dogs must be made to meet the airline’s requirements: Japan Airlines does not supply pet containers.

Website: www.jal.com

7. Cathay Pacific

Another pet-friendly airline, Cathay Pacific is committed to making your pet’s trip as comfortable as possible for them. As with most of the other airlines on this list, service pets are allowed to travel in the passenger cabin with you, and most pets can join you as check in baggage, but this also depends on the regulations of the country you are travelling to.

Website: www.cathaypacific.com

8. Air France

Air France transports pets via freight in most cases; in some special cases, the pet can travel with you in the hold, or via cargo. Your pet must travel by freight if it and its container weigh more than 75kg, and if the country you are travelling to requires animals to be transported strictly by freight.

Air France is one of few that allow snub-nosed dogs and cats to travel on their freight flights.

Website: www.airfrance.com

9. Thai Airways

Thai Airways allows pets to travel on their flights as checked baggage, and service animals can travel with you in the passenger cabin, as long as all its documentation is available, the airline is informed on time, and the animal has to remain harnessed, or carried, throughout the flight.

Website: www.thaiairways.com

10. Scoot

Scoot does not allow pets to travel on their airline; however, service animals are allowed for those with disabilities, as long as they notify the airline at least 3 days before the flight’s departure.

Website: www.flyscoot.com

In summary, here’s the list of airlines we have discussed that you and your furry friend can take to your next destination!

All these airlines, except Air France, have an embargo on transporting snub-nosed dogs and cats, and other dog breeds. This is because these breeds have abnormalities in their anatomies that make them highly susceptible to changes in temperature and air quality.

Because of their respiratory problems, there is a high chance of them experiencing complications during flights. Some examples of dog breeds that are not allowed to travel on flights include bulldogs, pugs, terriers, all breeds of the mastiff, some breeds of spaniels, etc.

Make sure that all your pet’s vaccines are up to date, and that you have their registrations and documentations available before making reservations for them!

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