How Long Should I Walk My Dog?

How Long Should I Walk My Dog?

Sep 21, 2021
7 min

“Walk my dog”. Almost everyone has heard the phrase, especially dog lovers. Taking your dog for a walk can be one of the greatest joys of owning a dog. But some dog owners given their busy schedule may wonder how much time they should spend walking their dogs? Well, dogs come in different sizes and natures, but more often than not, 30-60 mins of walking can be sufficient. But how you walk the dog is more important than how long you walk the dog. Let’s start!



One of the best ways to train your four-legged furry friend is during its walking session. But better if you could upgrade it to a jogging session. Yup! Jog the dog. You’ll be getting some exercise and your dog can have the chance to keep up with you.


With that said, please don’t keep up with the dog. Then you’re instilling your dog with an alpha mentally over you. It gets the impression that it should lead and if repeated multiple times, it’s gonna start misbehaving and harder to control.


Always LEAD your dog during it’s walking or jogging session. The dog actually prefers it this way. Because it has to utilise more brain power when it’s leading, looking out for traffic and other possible obstacles. Being led, let’s the dog relax its mind and enjoy the scenery. It also becomes a trust building activity, where the dog learns that it will always be safe following you. With this simple method its gonna become more obedient to you overtime which can lead to walking your dog without a leash in the future. Nice!



To discover the duration of walks your dog needs, observe it at home after a walk. Does it start to rest and relax or is it still super hyper? If it’s the latter then it’s a clear sign that it’s not getting adequate exercise. You may either increase the speed, the time or both during your next walk. But also make sure that your dog is getting adequate nutrients.


A malnourished dog is going to be tired most of the time. If you’re unable to walk your dog for some reasons, you can still have a quality time leading your dog for its exercise. Remember the classic game of “fetch”? Yes, don’t rule that one out! You can and you should incorporate games during your pet’s exercise session. It’s gonna have more fun wagging its tail and a game of Fetch also instills your dominance over your dog.


Dogs also love swimming. It’s a full body workout and a shower as well. 2 treats in one bite! What a perfect way to enjoy your day off at the beach with your best pal.



You can also bring it to a dog park to mingle with other dogs. A dog is always ready to bark around with its own kind. While you can spend time making new friends with other dog owners, sharing tips on how to better care for your pet. You may even find the love of your life if you’re single. Who knows? With the world’s constant demand for more time. It’s best to find ways to integrate activities, bringing out a fuller and richer life for both you and dog.


Lead your dog to have the greatest life a dog can have. It will surely be forever grateful to you. So as you can see, how you walk your dog plays a bigger role than the duration. But ultimately, be creative. Create games for your pets. Find out what makes your dog jump to its toes and continue pushing that hot button. Teach it how to dance, teach it how to act, teach it to walk upright. In the end, all your dog wants is to spend more time with you.

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