6 Paw-sents For Your Pet This Season Of Gifting!

6 Paw-sents For Your Pet This Season Of Gifting!

Dec 13, 2021
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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” Why, yes it is! In fact, this Christmas, you won’t have to worry about rushing to get last minute gifts for your pet and their fur-iends, as we’re having our Season of Gifting at perromart!

This Season of Gifting, perromart is coming at you not only with lots of pawsome Christmas deals for toys, dry food, wet food, treats and accessories, we’re also introducing our very own gift card!

Puzzled about whether your friend already has the gift you wanted to get them? Worried that they might not really need what you’re giving them? Fret not! This Christmas, we’re here to help! Instead of choosing a gift for your friends, why not let them decide for themselves what they need for their furry babies? Introducing our very own Christmas e-gift card! 

Aside from our Christmas e-gift card, don’t forget to check out our Season of Gifting sale happening on 15th December! That’s right! We’re having our live sale early so that you can get your hands on exclusive deals and pawsome presents for your loved ones just in time for the festive season! This way, you won’t have to worry about last minute shopping!

Speaking of exclusive deals, check out some of our Season of Gifting deals for your beloved pets!

1. Trixie Holiday Advent Calendar for Dogs
It’s Christmas time! You know what that means- time to open our advent calendars! This Christmas, grab one for your pet so that you guys can open your calendars together! It is, after all, the Season of Gifting! Containing many mouth watering and nutritious treats, the Trixie Advent Calendar will definitely come as a delight to your furry friend during this festive season!
Trixie Holiday Advent Calendar for Dogs
Who doesn’t love advent calendars! This Season of Gifting, grab the Trixie Advent Calendar at an exclusive 22% off promotion! Let your furry friends join in on the fun with the Trixie Advent calendar, available for dogs and cats!
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2. Christmas Toys
The Huxley and Kent Lulubelles Power Plus Santa’s Cane Dog Toy is the perfect toy for your pet if your pet’s a plushie destroyer! With an additional layer of sturdy mesh fused on the inside, each whimsical power plush toy is supported inside to make these high-quality, soft plush toys stand up to the scrappiest canines! Grab one as a gift for your pet today! Check out more of our Christmas toys!
Huxley And Kent Lulubelles Power Plush Santa’S Cane Dog Toy
What’s Christmas without toys? This Season of Gifting, grab some festive toys for your furry friend to get them in the Christmas spirit!
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3. Heka Treats
Heka treats are the perfect treats for dogs of all ages and sizes, and are great for training as they are easily breakable into smaller sizes. Full of vitamins and proteins that your dog needs, the Heka treat is definitely one of the best for your pup!
Heka Beef Jerky Dog Treat
Every Christmas, we reward our bellies with delicious food! It’s the same for our pets as well! This Season of Gifting, Heka treats are going at an exclusive bundle deal of 2 for $28 and 2 for $33! Grab yours now!
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4. Absolute Holistic Air Dried Red Meat Cat Treats
Absolute Holistic Air Dried recipes provide a healthy and shelf-stable alternative to fresh food. With every recipe made out of 93 percent premium-quality New Zealand sourced meats and organs, the Absolute Holistic Air Dried cat treats provide your cat with the right amount of nutrients and vitamins it needs! Air drying minimizes exposure to foods, minerals, enzymes and vitamins that are susceptible, so the raw nutritional qualities are retained.
Absolute Holistic Air Dried Red Meat Cat Treats
ANY 3 FOR $9.90
We’ve not forgotten about our feline friends! This Season, grab your feline’s favourite Absolute Holistic Air Dried treats at an exclusive deal of 3 for $9.90.
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5. AFreschi Srl Turkey Tendon Strip Dog Treat
Made with a single protein ingredient, Adreschi chicken dog treats are free of additives, artificial flavourings and colourings, making it the perfect healthy treat for your pup! It’s also easy for your pup to munch!
AFreschi Srl Turkey Tendon Strip Dog Treat
BUY 1 FOR $11
What’s Christmas without Turkey, right! This Season of Gifting, grab some Afreschi treats for your pet at an exclusive deal of 1 for $11! Your furry friend will definitely love them! And while you’re cutting up the turkey, your pet will be enjoying its type of turkey!
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6. Awesome Pawsome Baconmania All Natural Dog Treats
Made in New Zealand, the Awesome Pawsome Baconmania All Natural Dog treat is packed with real cheese, bacon flavour and all-natural antioxidants! Made with real King Salmon, its the perfect treat for your canine!
Awesome Pawsome Baconmania All Natural Dog Treats
ANY 3 FOR $11
This Season of Gifting, grab some treats for your precious canine from Awesome Pawsome, at an exclusive deal of 3 for $11! Grab yours now before it's gone!
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If you still have no idea what to get as a gift, you can grab our e-gift card from our website! Simply purchase the e-gift cards on our website and your friend will receive their e-gift card almost immediately! You won’t even have to worry about being caught in the Christmas crowd this Feliz Navidad!

Have a wonderful Season of Gifting!