Why Should You Feed Your Dog Organic Treats?

Why Should You Feed Your Dog Organic Treats?

Oct 29, 2021
11 min

What you feed your dogs goes a long way to decide how they live their lives. To be precise,  it directly affects both their mental and physical well-being. Feeding your pets natural foods is one of the best ways to ensure your little friends live healthily. As dog owners, we need to understand that every natural dog treat contains several health benefits and poses no adverse health issues. Before we dive into the benefits of organic treats, let’s get to know more about this specific type of treat!

What’s the Hype over Organic Treats?

The term organic refers to a natural product produced without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. Some treat types that can be categorized as organic include single ingredient treats, natural chews and many more. 

The organic hype for humans is that it is a great way to avoid foods that have been processed with harmful chemicals or have been modified genetically. This, to many, is a way to stay healthy. Seeing how beneficial this could be for them, this hype for organic products has trickled  down to pets. This is especially when there are more pet owners who are not only more health-conscious for themselves but also their pets. 

Advantages of Organic Treats for Dogs

There are several benefits that organic treats can offer your dogs, including physical and mental advantages. Check out some of these advantages: 


Prevents allergic reaction from additives

The primary causes for many dogs’ food allergies include artificial addictives, preservatives, and chemicals. Some of the conspicuous signs of allergies in dogs caused by additives include skin irritation, inflammation, or an upset tummy. Fortunately, you can prevent an allergic reaction from additives by feeding your dogs organic foods. As a dog owner, you should note that organic treats would be a better option to ensure the health of your pup.


Weight control 

Spoiling your dogs by feeding them all kinds of additives can lead to obesity. Weight gain can pose a danger to your dog’s health, causing organ failure, diabetes, and joint problems. To protect your pup from these health risks, its important to limit how much non-organic treats are given. However, cutting out on treats to keep your dog in shape may be a little difficult. And this is where organic treats come in. Organic treats do not contain additives, not as likely to lead to unhealthy weight gain, as it is 100% natural. Due to the absence of harmful additives, the intake of organic treats does not have to be as tightly controlled. 


Higher nutritional value

When you give your dogs organic treats, you successfully exclude harmful additives or preservatives. As a result,  the overall nutritional level of your dog is enhanced. 

Moreover, as dog owners, we should always keep in mind how harmful additives and preservatives are to your pup,  causing food sensitivity and digestive issues. But organic food can help improve your dog’s health by reducing digestive disorders, strengthening the immune system, increasing energy levels, and eliminating allergies. 


Better for dog’s dental health

Organic treats do not contain additives (artificial sweeteners) that could affect your pet’s oral health. In fact, natural treats can help remove accumulated dirt, plaque, and tartar between the teeth, hence enhancing your dog’s dental health.


Peace of mind for owners

Being aware of the source of the treat, and knowing that  they do not contain unnatural additives or preservatives that can harm your canine friend instills confidence in you as dog owners.  With this, you can feed treats to your dogs with peace of mind, without worry. Always remember that the healthier the dog treats, the better the health of your dog. So, ensure you choose the quality ingredients of organic dog treats to give your pet the proper nutrition.


Convenient and healthy solution

Purchasing fresh, healthy treats with minimal processing is not rocket science. As health-conscious pet owners, you don’t need to spend time getting raw ingredients and cooking. With healthy organic treats available, healthy options are easily accessible for canines.


Recommendations for organic treats

Here are some of our recommended brands that provide nutritious organic treats:


  • Absolute bites

Absolute bites has a wide range of choices to choose from, ranging from chicken heart, kangaroo ribs to red lobster. It is an organic treat that follows a Prey Model Raw (PMR),  a diet that consists of only whole prey (meat) without any added plant ingredients – shaped closely to the natural way of eating, similar to how a wild canine would eat.


  • Love ‘em

Love ’em is a brand that specializes in raw meat treats made from natural ingredients and has no added sugar, fillers, or additives. Treats such as liver treats, sprinkles and cookies are made using only quality dehydrated liver and carefully selected natural ingredients. Interestingly,  this brand is veterinarian recommended.


  • Fruitables

Fruitables are organic fruit treats. It uses selected organic ingredients like organic oatmeal and organic molasses to drive natural flavor and efficacy in products. The organic treats are made with natural ingredients such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and a blend of Superfoods, baked in an organic bakery. 


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