Why Positive Reinforcement For Pet Training Is Important

Why Positive Reinforcement For Pet Training Is Important

Sep 21, 2021
5 min

Positive reinforcement training includes praises and treats to reward your dog for doing something you want him to do. Because the reward makes him more likely to repeat the behaviour, positive reinforcement is one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog’s behaviour. Using punishment techniques will increase the stress levels of your dog and this is not conducive to learning that they have done something wrong. Your dog will just react in a certain way and this could even lead to biting. Dishing out punishment to dogs is also going to increase the stress levels of owners and this will intensify if the punishment does not correct the problem immediately. Increasing your stress levels and your dog’s is unlikely to help build a close bond between you and your dog.

Benefits of Positive Training for Dogs

It Will Improve Communication with Your Dog

Being able to communicate clearly with your dog is essential and will help your dog to understand when they are doing the right things as they will receive a reward for this. Your dog will be a lot more willing to repeat these good behaviors because they know there will be a reward coming.


You Will Develop a Stronger Bond with Your Dog

Most dog owners want their dogs to be true companions and part of the family. Positive dog training will help to achieve this. Your dog will learn to trust you more and more and the relationship between the two of you will become much stronger. If you are continually punishing your dog there will be negativity in the relationship but if you are rewarding good behavior then your dog will enjoy being in your company much more and will be a lot happier.


The Whole Family Can Be Involved

Positive dog training is fairly easy to do and this means that even children can be involved with the providing of treats when your dog behaves in the right way. This activity should be supervised by an adult at first.


Positive Reinforcement Training Is Fun

If you approach the positive dog training sessions as ‘playtime’, then it can be a lot of fun for you and your dog. Your dog will really look forward to the training sessions as they will know that rewards will follow and they will be keen to learn new things.