Why Does My Pet Follow Me To The Bathroom

Why Does My Pet Follow Me To The Bathroom

Sep 21, 2021
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Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom? Why do my dogs follow me into the bathroom?


Does your dog or cat follow you everywhere even to the bathroom? If your answer is a resounding, YES, then the above questions would have definitely popped in your mind.

Your pet will stalk you even if you aren’t a celebrity. But why do our pets follow us around? Our dogs and cats have plenty of weird behaviors. These behaviors have sometimes just leave us scratching our heads. But perhaps the weirdest of all is your pet’s weird obsession with accompanying you to the bathroom. If you ignore your pet and close the door behind you, your pet‘s paw will most likely peek under it in protest. This strange pet behavior has been a mystery to pet owners in search of privacy. So, what’s up with this add behavior? There are some theories may explain why your dog or cat follows you to the bathroom.


1. They Don’t Care About Your Privacy

Having a dog or cat means you never have to poop or pee alone again? Yes, it is true! The first reason behind the strange behavior is that your pet is just not worried about privacy as humans are. If you’ve got a pet who follows you into the bathroom, he might just be returning the favor for all the times you’ve watched him pee or poop. According to Dr. Marty Becker, the feline constitution doesn’t protect your right to privacy. Cats are protective of their privacy, but not yours. They always want to know what’s going on in their territory, including the bathroom! Therefore, your cat will not leave you alone! Read more: 10 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained While cats don’t care about your privacy, dogs may not understand “alone time”. Unlike felines, canines are pack animals. They are constantly doing things with others, so they don’t understand the idea of “alone time”. Read more: Dog’s Personality And Zodiac Sign


2. They Are Your Bodyguards

You are his or her pack! Since canines are communal animals that run in packs, they are used to doing things together. In the wild, they hunt and defend their territory as a group. Your house is your family’s territory and the bathroom is within the boundary of its sphere of influence. As such, your canine friend probably feels like the bathroom must be secured and patrolled to make sure you’re safe! Read more: 4 Signs Your Dogs Are Saying “I Love You”


3. Curiosity

Excuse me, were you attempting to use the bathroom alone? What is hiding in the secret room? Our furry friends are curious, especially cats that are well-known for being “micro-managers”. The bathroom is part of what your pet considers his territory, and for him not to be able to patrol his territory is stressful. So, how dare you shut your pet away from his territory? That’s rude! You might be hoarding resources and make friends with other animals! Your pet only knows if he checks. According to iHeartCats, animals must place value on resources in order to survive and prioritize their actions. The value increases when there is competition for a resource. Note that one of the most highly-valued resources is the territory. You elevate the value of the space when you are using the bathroom and denying your pet’s access. Read more: Why Is My Cat So Needy And Demanding


4. They Love You So Much

It is just a pure puppy or kitty love! Your pet may feel vulnerable in your absence. He naturally wants to be part of any activity that is going on, even a hooman bathroom trip! Read more: How To Make Your Cat Happy If your pet is getting too clingy, be sure he’s getting enough exercise and try giving him plenty of toys to play with before you go to the bathroom. Your furry friend will be happy and you can get a moment of peace! Read more: Indoor Games to Play with Your Dog