Why Does My Dog Hump Certain People?

Why Does My Dog Hump Certain People?

Sep 12, 2021
11 min

Many dog owners will be familiar with the awkward scenario of their dog unexpectedly humping another dog, an inanimate object, or even a human leg.

Most people might associate this behavior with sexual arousal or a superiority claim. There are several causes for dog humping, however, and discovering the root cause will help minimize or decrease behavior. It becomes much more necessary to control this activity if the behavior of the dog causes pain, harms individuals, or causes dog fights. Humping may be part of natural play or mating, but it can also be a sign of behavioral disorders or damaged health.



What is humping?

Humping is a prevalent trait among dogs. Contrary to the belief of many people, humping or mounting is not just a dominant or sexual behavior. When dogs play, fight, during mating, and even when they are alone with us or bored, we can see them humping. They continually integrate a multitude of behaviors in various sequences when dogs play. Dogs may exhibit natural behaviors while playing, such as chasing, stalking, and pouncing, which are signals seen while hunting, mouthing, and grappling, which are battle behaviors; and humping, which is a sexual signal.

Humping activity is also a symbol of the arousal of energy in dogs. They might be playing a game with you and they start to hump your leg or a nearby cushion when you settle down or ignore them. This is a release of energy and, while it does not harm them, but for owners, it can be distracting.



Why do dogs hump?

In both male and female dogs, humping is a natural activity, and, in most instances, it is not about dominance. More frequently, humping or mounting happens in puppies and in dogs that have not been changed. Here are 4 reasons why dogs tend to hump.



Dogs play-hump other dogs as a means of socializing and engaging in other activities such as chasing, battling, or other expressions of play. Typically, play is a form of practice for dogs. As a way to hone their talents, you can see them engaging in other natural impulses and behaviors.

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They can act enthusiastically when a dog gets too excited about something, including playtime itself. This entails top-speed sprinting, hopping, high-pitched barking, and humping. When humping is done for fun, this is particularly true. Puppies over 6 months and adult dogs often hump as they have discovered that it feels good.


Anxiety and Depression

Through a series of activities, such as yowling, scratching, biting, and even humping, nervous dogs will demonstrate their fear. It can become a chronic form of self-soothing or relieving stress when not diverted to another task. Humping caused by stress can lead to compulsive behaviors that can be problematic for both the owner and the dog.


Medical Problem

It could be a health concern if your pet is unexpectedly humping more or has never demonstrated the behavior until recently. Coupled with licking, scratching, and scooting, the humping of your pet may be the result of an underlying disease like an infection of the urinary tract. Allergies that create skin disorders can be a problem for your pet as well.


Why does my dog hump certain people?

Mounting, thrusting (humping) and masturbation are common behaviors that most dogs display. In different ways, dogs masturbate. Other creatures, people, and artifacts, including wadded-up blankets, dog beds, and toys, are mounted and pressed against them. Sometimes (without mounting them), dogs either brush against people or objects, or they lick themselves.

Puppies also mount their littermates, other playmates, individuals, and toys and hump them. Some experts claim that this activity acts as preparation for future sexual experiences. They start to mount other dogs in sexual contexts as puppies achieve sexual maturity.


Is humping a problem?

Humping should not always be associated with signs of sexual desires in dogs; it could be due to several other things. While for most dogs, humping is normal, your older dog can hump his bed as a sign of dominance.

When your dog indulges in it many times within an hour, humping becomes a concern. Before creating a big confrontation between you and the animal, it is important to identify this problem very early and discover its underlying cause.



How can I stop my dog from humping?

Yes, a dog can be taught to quit humping, but the problem is that when he starts doing it, particularly when he’s in bed, you can never know. Humping can be a sign of medical problems, as described above. If your dog is continuously licking or chewing its own body, for example, it may be a sign of pain and an immediate need for medical treatment. Therefore, to help your dog resolve repetitive humping activity, the first step you can take is to help him get medical help when needed.

Secondly, when he does not get enough stimulation, especially through exercises, your dog will hump his bed. You can also check any problem inside their private space that could aggravate the issue.

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