What’s My Pawsonality?

What’s My Pawsonality?

Sep 30, 2021
13 min

Hi there! Welcome to Perromart’s Colour Test page!

We see that you’ve joined your pawsome pals and tried out our colour test! Let’s find out what these colours really mean! Ready, let’s go!


Your Pet’s Colours

When you think of your pet, the first colour that comes to mind reflects the way you look at your pet! In short, it reflects your pet’s paw-sonality! While pets of every breed and pet type tend to have general personality traits, we believe that every pet is different! Within these personality traits, there are so many different types of personalities, or what we call Paw-sonalities here at Perromart. You might be surprised to find out that the warmness and coolness of the colours can reveal a lot about your fur-iend. Let’s find out!


Red pets and their pawsonalities


“Adventure is out there!”

-Up, 2009


Red symbolises energy, activity as well as passion. Red pets have the strong personality of a leader and are highly active creatures! They’re agile and goal driven. In short, they’re the alphas of the house! Red pets can be feisty and sassy from time to time. You can count on them to let you know what they want. Red pets are also known to be an extremely passionate and loving bunch and will shower you with love, even if it’s in an unconventional way.


How to spend time with Red pets?

Team red members are a highly active and easily excited bunch. With so much energy, most of the red pets enjoy some fun in the sun activities which can include going for a run, or even a long hike up a hill. It’s important to keep your red pets occupied with changing activities, lest they get bored of a routine lifestyle! 


Blue Pets and their pawsonalities


“Once you love someone, they stay in your heart forever.”

-Brother Bear, 2003


Blue symbolises loyalty, trust and security. Unlike the misconception that correlates blue with sadness, members of the blue team are far from that on the happiness meter! Blue pets are jovial and loving creatures, who are one of the most affectionate bunch of fur-iends out there. While blue pets may not be as strong headed as the other colour teams, they are responsible and dependable for their loved ones. You can rely on them to defend and protect you when they see you’re in trouble! They’re also the best bunch to comfort you when you’re feeling down.


How do Blue Pets like to spend their time?

Blue pets enjoy almost every activity, from playing with toys to going on adventures. The most important point for them is that they want to be wherever you are! Any activity with you in it is their absolute favourite! Blue pets tend to prefer less physically intense activities, but can go out of their comfort zone as long as they’re sure you’re there!


Orange Pets and their pawsonalities


“You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

-Toy’s Story, 1995


The colour orange symbolises optimism, emotion and enthusiasm. Team Orange members are playful and engaging fur-iends. They’re always looking forward to fun activities with you! While they aren’t as active as red pets, orange pets have their fair share of energy. Most times, they’ll subtly hint to you that they want to get out of the house. On days when they’re stuck at home, our Orange pets keep themselves occupied and aren’t feeling down from the situation.


Here’s how you can keep your orange pet occupied:

Orange pets love a little fun in the house. You can get some toys to help them keep themselves occupied. They also enjoy the occasional outings like picnics and trips to the beach, depending on which pet type they fall under. 


Yellow Pets and their pawsonalities


“Every minute spent in your life becomes the next greatest minute of my life”

-Bolt, 2008


The colour yellow represents positivity, happiness and warmth. Yellow pets are vibrant and affectionate creatures. They’ll shower you with love as and when they feel like it. These creatures also have their fair share of curious moments. They never fail to put a smile on your face when they’re figuring something out. Yellow pets are actually the best pets to prank! They never fail to give you a funny reaction, sending you laughing uncontrollably. One thing about yellow pets is that they love their treats! They simply can’t do without them!


What activities to do with your “yellow” friend?

When it comes to activities, worry not! Your yellow friend loves anything that involves one thing! Treats! That’s all it takes. In fact, they’ll be more than happy to learn new tricks with you. That is, provided treats are involved. Yellow pets also love going on mini adventures that are less intense and more impromptu. They’re an agreeable bunch that adapts well to sudden plans. 


Green Pets and their pawsonalities


“A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey inside.”
– Winnie The Pooh, 1966


The colour green represents intelligence and curiosity. You should never be tricked by members of the green team. They’re actually much more intelligent than they look. This group of pets can be easily trained and in fact, will gladly learn any of the tough tricks you’ve seen on Tiktok or Instagram. Apart from being highly intelligent, Green pets are also avid explorers. They enjoy discovering new places they’ve never been before. 


What activities do Green pets like to do?

Green pets, being intelligent, enjoy taking up challenges like playing difficult games. When they’re playing, you can almost see their thought process. They are thinkers! They also enjoy learning new tricks, especially tough ones! They’re a lovable bunch of smarties!


So…. What colour is your pet?

Now that we’re done with the colour groups, have you found out which colour represented your pet’s entire paw-sonality the most? Share your answers with your fur-iends and get them on board to find out their paw-sonality!


Disclaimer: Please note that Perromart’s Colour Test was created with the goal of letting paw-rents have a laugh and share about your pets. Perromart’s Colour Test is not scientifically proven. 

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