What Is Your Cat And Dog’s Real Age?

What Is Your Cat And Dog’s Real Age?

Aug 14, 2022
7 min

What is a Real Age of an animal?

How old is your dog or cat? If you’ve heard that one before, you probably nodded your head, thinking “of course, I know how to age my animal.” But what if you didn’t?

As it turns out, it’s not as easy as you might think. The reason is simple: the way that vets and pet owners usually calculate the age of dogs and cats is not entirely accurate. Some vets use an average lifespan as a guide. Others use a formula. Still others use a unique method of their own.

As pet owners, we can use our age as a point of reference to estimate the age of our furkids.

How to calculate the Real Age of your cat or dog?

Dogs and Cats do not share the same age calculator. Below is a chart which you can use as a reference.

Is your cat or dog Real Age fits with its actual age?

The real age is a number of years the pet was supposed to live in perfect conditions, with the best nutrition, best veterinary care and a lot of love. So, the real age of an animal may be shorter than the calendar age.

Some factors that affects the actual age are things like lifestyle, nutrition, environment, exercise and diet are some factors that directly impact the actual age of your pet.

How to keep your pet healthy for a longer life?

With the invention of dog and cat food, one would think that the health of pet care has never been better. However, pet owners are becoming more and more interested in natural diets and holistic care.

While some of these trends are a bit far-fetched, there are some things you can do to improve your pet’s health and longevity.

  • Optimal nutrient absorption via boosters and digestive health support.

If you are feeding dry food, mixing it with wet food such as Nutripe Pure Green Tripe Dog Wet Food and Kit Cat Deboned Chicken & Crabstick Toppers Canned Cat Food will fill in the nutrients lost in the process of dehydration to produce kibbles while making your fur-kid’s meal even more sumptuous.

  • Health supplements

For health supplements, NHV is one brand which can be consumed by both cats and dogs. They come with a range of protection and support such as multivitamins, to supplements that supports various areas of health.

  • Parasite prevention

Parasites comes in many forms. The common parasites are flea, ticks, heartworm, mites and hookworms. These parasites adversely affect the health of your pet in different ways.

The ultimate protection for dogs will be NexGard Spectra and for cats, we recommend NHV Inulin PK Supplement for Pets because their primary function is to inhibit the reproduction of these parasites.

  • Dental health

Bacteria in the plaque can enter the bloodstream and spread to the heart, kidneys and liver. This spread of bacteria, called bacteremia, can damage organs and make dogs and cats quite sick. Dental chews are some of dog’s favourites which are 100% natural and tropiclean breath drops that helps defend against plaque, leading to fresher breath.

Conclusion: Health is a big concern for pets, animals and pets that live in the city. Taking care of them will extend their life, making them a reliable companion for you and your family.