Ultimate Pet Halloween Guide 2021

Ultimate Pet Halloween Guide 2021

Sep 21, 2021
20 min

Halloween is round the corner and you’ve been racking your brain on how to celebrate with your pet. Worried about how to get your pet glammed up for Halloween? Are you thinking about spooky costumes and DIY treat recipes but don’t know where to start? Not to worry!


This year, perromart’s partnering up with Cosy Little Pets Corner to bring you home grooming services! Your pets can now get groomed and pampered in the comfort of their Covid-free homes! Here at perromart, we have also curated a limited edition Halloween packs for dogs and cats in Singapore, along with this article where you will find all the answers to your Halloween pet-related questions!


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As Halloween draws near, everyone is in a rush to get the perfect costume to make their pets look spookier and cooler at the same time. For all of your pet Halloween needs, we’ve also came up with the Ultimate Pet Halloween Guide for you to get the ideas for your pets’ makeover and celebrate Halloween safely amid COVID-19.


Celebrating Halloween Safely In The Midst Of COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to loom over us. For Halloween, proper care and social distancing are essential to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Keeping all the safety measures in mind, here is a list of safety measures for Halloween parties, such as

A maximum party size of 2 pax is allowed to stay together and celebrate Halloween parties in houses in Singapore. This way, social interactions with other people will be less risky.

Wearing a facemask is absolutely essential during the occasion. Halloween is the perfect chance for you to show off your creativity. Design your masks according to Halloween themes and stay safe while you’re having fun.

Activities like traditional trick-or-treating should be avoided this year due to the pandemic, so try to stay in the homes and enjoy Halloween with your furry friends instead.

Try low-risk indoor activities like pumpkin carving, decorating your home, or watching scary movies. These activities can be a great way to spend the festival with the right people surrounding you.


1. Halloween Party Games For Dogs & Cats

Halloween is not just for humans; pets can have fun too! Here are some games that you can play to enjoy Halloween with your pets in groups of 2!


2. Hunt for treats

You can play this game with your pets by having a competition among your friends. Hide some treats across the yard or different areas of the house and let your pets find them. The pet with the most treats found will be a winner. Be sure to hide the treats in a pet friendly place.


3. Halloween Costume contest

Costume contests can be everyone’s favorite game. Let your creativity run wild with your pet’s costume with inspiration from some of this year’s trends- Squid Game (player #456, Red Light Green Light Doll), Wanda Vision, the Met Gala and so on. 

Here’s some inspiration!

You can also revisit some of the classics! They never go wrong!

  • Spooky Spirits

One of the easiest DIY costumes can be done within a matter of minutes! All you need is a piece of white cloth big enough to drape over your pet’s head and cut out 3 holes (2 eyes and 1 snout!)


  • NASA Inspired Costumes

Get inspired by NASA and send your dog to outer space with some cool costume ideas. For a jetpack dog, all you need is two bigger soda bottles, paint, ribbons, and duct tape to tape the jetpack at the back of your dog.


  • Unicorn Horn

If you love unicorns, then you will fall in love with this costume idea. Get a shiny golden piece of fabric with yarn to turn your cats into cute little unicorns. For additional glamour, add a tulle tutu for your cat to wear.


  • Transform your cat or dog into a Dinosaur

Cats and dogs with shorter coats can become dinosaurs this Halloween. Just use a dog or cat hoodie and stick ribbons on the hoodie with a hot glue gun to make it look like horns!

Or, if you’re lazy, putting a mask on your pet would be a pretty great costume too! 

Show off your pet’s costumes and ask other members to vote for the best costume. The pet with the most votes wins. Give rewards to winners and treats to the runner ups. Make some rules like the pet owner can’t vote for their pet.


4. Trick-or-treat

Play a trick-or-treat game by walking pets in front of your friends and ask your pet to do the trick. With every trick they do, they will receive a treat. The pet with most tricks wins and gets a reward, while runner-ups will receive treats.


5. Bobbing for treats

Get a bowl for each pet and fill it with water or chicken broth. Add treats into the liquid and ask parents to get pets near the bowl and with a signal, start eating. The pet first to finish will be the winner and receives a reward in the form of goody bags, and the runner-ups will receive treats for their efforts!

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Poisonous human treats for cats and dogs

Candies and other Halloween goodies can be treats for humans but tricks for dogs and cats. Make sure not to treat them with any candy you like because it can cause severe health issues. Instead, check out the pet-friendly dog and cat Halloween treats we’ve curated for this very occasion!

Here are some of the poisonous human treats that must not be given to dogs and cats


1. Chocolate

Chocolate is a favorite treat of ours but not for pets. Chocolate is dangerous for cats and dogs. Theobromine, a component in chocolates, can pose a threat to your dog if swallowed. Dogs have a hard time digesting theobromine, which is why chocolate should not be given to dogs.


2. Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts contain raisins. And dogs do not do well with raisins. Eating even a small amount of raisins can cause tremors, weakness, and lethargy in dogs. So, make sure not to give macadamia nuts to your dog even if they are delicious. Because while these snacks can be a treat for you, but they can be poison for your pets.

In the unfortunate event that any of these treats are taken, consult your vet right away to avoid any further complications.



Safe Nighttime Haunting with Dogs


1. Always use a leash

A leash is essential for the night walks because, in the night, dogs can get startled by people and animals suddenly emerging from the dark. If your dog gets scared and is off-leash, he will run. And at night time it is tough to find a lost dog. Using a leash, preferably a reflective one, will help keep your dog with you even if he is scared. And also, the reflective leash will help your dog stay visible in the dark.

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2. Use Reflective vests

It is necessary to wear a reflective jacket for the dog and the owner. Reflective jackets are one of the best ways to keep you and your dog safe and visible for the cars, bikes, other pets, and humans passing by.


3. Stick to the paths you know

We know that exploring new ways and paths is fun, but please do not do it at night while having your pet with you. Stick to one known path at night because this will help you stay on your way and save you from unwanted encounters.


4. Always take your phone with you

If you are going for a night walk, then it is suggested to keep your phone with you. Always keep your phone charged with all the emergency numbers saved in it.

These are some tricks to follow if you are going out with your dog at night for a peaceful walk.


Halloween Dog treat recipes

During all your Halloween preparation, make sure your pet isn’t ignored (in the food department!). For your pets, you can gift them some quality dog or cat treats, or amazing homemade treats to make their Halloween memorable. Here are some simple DIY dog treat recipes that you can follow to give your dog a delicious surprise.

Here are the Absolute Holistic ingredients used in this recipe: Rawstew Vegan Diet!


Check out our Primal Freeze-Dried treats featured in this recipe!



Featured in this recipe is Kit Cat’s Canned Food Topper!



Halloween might look different this year with the global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, but this doesn’t mean we can’t find new ways to celebrate this spooky age-old tradition in new ways! From DIY pet treat recipes to costumes, there’s something for every pet in Singapore. Have a spooktastic Halloween!