Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe Around Cleaning Products

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe Around Cleaning Products

Oct 14, 2021
12 min

Every pet owner must handle cleaning products cautiously around their pets to keep them safe. Some of these cleaning products contain ingredients with inimical chemicals that can cause serious harm to your furry friends if ingested into their system.

Even if you are trying your best to keep them safe from your pets, there is a possibility that they will still be exposed to cleaning products regularly. This can occur when they lick the floor or walk where you have sprayed disinfectant.

Read on to find out how dangerous cleaning products are, how vital cleanliness is for pets, and how you can have a clean environment while ensuring the safety of your lovely pets.


Dangers of Cleaning Products

Not many par owners are aware that a lot of popular cleaning products actually contain toxins that are harmful to pets.

Your pets are at higher risk of ingesting these toxic chemicals into their system, particularly when they are left roaming around the house. This can lead to fatal health conditions such as inflammatory conditions and poisoning.

You’ll also want to watch your pets closely when cleaning as your pet may be allergic to such products. Due to high chemical content, most products can cause severe allergic reactions to pets.


Importance of Cleanliness for Pets

Generally, cleanliness is good hygiene that both people and animals must observe to live healthy lives. However, when good hygiene is not practiced, it poses risks to our pets’ well-being.


To avoid dust:

Dust can cause inflammatory conditions (such as coughing and sneezing). When dust gets into your pets’ noses, they will try to get rid of it by sneezing and coughing. Besides, your pets may be allergic to dust.


• To avoid harmful bacteria:

You may want to take cleanliness and sanitation seriously to avoid harmful bacteria which can lead to life-threatening infections.


• To avoid ticks and fleas:

When your environment is dirty, it wouldn’t be a surprise to have uninvited visitors like ticks and fleas. Unfortunately, ticks and fleas don’t visit for nothing. Ticks are carriers of parasites (such as tapeworms), while fleas can cause anemia and can threaten the lives of your young pets.

In addition, ticks and fleas are not only dangerous to pets, but they can also transmit harmful diseases and can affect humans too!


How to Have a Clean Environment while Ensuring The Safety of Pet?

To ensure your pet’s safety, you have to know what are the products to avoid, those that are safe for use, and how you can actively help your pets by taking some measures.


Know what products to avoid

Below are some of the harmful cleaning products you may want to avoid:


1. Products containing ammonia

There are lots of popular products (including drain cleaners, floor cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, and oven cleaners) that contain ammonia. Although they are great for removing stains, they can cause severe irritation to your pet’s eyes and a severe burning sensation when ingested by your furry friends.


2. Products containing bleach

Every pet is gifted with a hypersensitive sense of smell. Bleach is characterized by a strong scent, which can cause irritation for your pet’s nose and manifest into respiratory conditions. Besides, bleach can be dangerous because it contains a large amount of chlorine, which is highly toxic to pets.


3. Air fresheners containing Phthalates

Phthalates are chemicals found in some linen sprays, carpet fresheners, and home air fresheners which help to reduce odors. While these products make your house smell wonderful, they are highly dangerous and can be deadly if ingested by your pets.


4. Disinfectants containing benzalkonium chloride

Disinfectants, such as antibacterial bathroom and kitchen sprays, contain Benzalkonium Chloride, which can be relatively safe at low doses but can still result in surface irritation on your pet’s eyes, nose, and paws.


What are some safe products to use?

Now that we’ve gone through what are some products NOT to use, let’s find out what are some safer alternatives for pawrents and pets alike!

Some of the recommended products you can use that won’t affect the health status of your pets include:


1. Floral Fresh Pet Stain & Odor Remover Easy Solution:

Made with Pro-BacteriaTM and enzymes that break down, neutralize, and permanently kill dog and cat stains and odors, Simple Solution Floral Fresh Pet Stain & Odor Remover Is the perfect pet-friendly solution to a clean home.


2. Bacoff Pet All Purpose Cleaner:

Made from 100% Food Grade Ingredients, the Bacoff Pet All Purpose cleaner was created for safe pet usage, without any chemicals such as SLS, SLES, Benzoates, Phosphates, Parabens, Petroleum Distillates, Triclosan, Ammonia and Artificial Chemicals.


3. Simple Solution Hard Floor Stain & Odor Remover Dual Action Formula:

Another pet-friendly product by Simple Solution aimed to cater to the needs of pet parents who love their pets, but hate hard floor stains and odour.

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Preventive Measures

You may want to take some helpful steps to keep your pet out of bounds of the area you are cleaning.Some of the best ways to do so include:
• Keeping your pets in cages when you are cleaning.

• Training your pet using positive enforcement to stay within one area when you are cleaning.

• Get a friend or family member to bring your pet for a walk when cleaning.

Now that you’re equipped with more information, we hope that you can now clean without the stressful thought of your pets being harmed. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a spick and span living environment, which is even better for your pet! However, we hope you now understand the importance of pet-friendly cleaning products! They are going to be a game changer for you!