Increase your dog’s lifespan? Meet: Loyal for Dogs

Increase your dog’s lifespan? Meet: Loyal for Dogs

Sep 21, 2021
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There is an old yet true saying that dogs are human’s best friends, and that is why Loyal dog company is here. Loyal company is a US-based startup that is working on medical solutions that could increase dogs’ lifespans and improve their overall health by decreasing their risk of getting aging health issues. Their tagline “Giving our best friends more time” promises all dog parents not only to be able to enjoy more time with their dogs, but also guarantee to spend extra healthy years.


Canine breeds are all unique in their way, each offering different distinct qualities. While some of them get to stay with their families for over 15 years some breeds can only live till 7-8 years. You’d be surprised to know that there are chances that we can prolong our breeds’ life spans. Imagine adopting a dog and providing them with an increased lifespan. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? If you want to learn more about this project, keep scrolling!


About Loyal

This company is the brains behind this idea. Loyal is a team of scientists, passionate dog lovers, and veterinarians working hard to turn our deepest hope into reality. These people are working on the development of medical drugs that could offer a longer life span to dogs while treating the underlying reasons behind aging in them.


The scientists included in this team are qualified from world-known institutions like Oxford University and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. They are qualified to develop therapeutic candidates with Zoetis and Regeneron.


They began their study in December 2020 and will is slated to complete by July 2021 so every dog owner will receive updates about its dog health parameters, physical and emotional well- being. The aim of the study is to identify biological measures of aging in dogs to develop appropriate and effective drugs that can delay the aging process and its health consequences.



Products in Development:

This startup is consistently researching drugs that might help delay the aging process.



This drug is known for targeting cellular mechanisms that are believed to cause dogs of giant and large breeds to have a smaller lifespan than their fellow middle-sized dogs. Numerous studies have also revealed that LOY-001 can safely modulate target biomarkers.

The potential outcomes of this drug include healthier, longer life, and metabolic fitness.



The main purpose of this drug is to target a mechanism that has revealed significant improvements in all-cause mortality and cognitive functions.

Unlike LOY-001, which was created specifically for larger and younger breeds, this drug is being developed for dogs of all sizes.


Is this safe?

This is a non-interventional study where they won’t give your dog any drugs, they just perform some tests that are common in veterinary check-ups!



The science behind this anti-aging solution:


Can a Drug Slow Aging?

Aging in dogs is quite similar to that in humans. They both experience grey hair, laziness, inability to complete their chores on time, and forgetfulness, etc. Aging can be extremely dangerous because it brings with itself many life-threatening diseases like cancer, arthritis, and dementia. By slowing down the process of aging, these age-related diseases can also be delayed. The delay in age-related diseases means a longer and happier life for your dog.


Canine studies that focus on caloric restrictions have revealed that the lifespan of dogs can increase by almost two years, meanwhile delaying other major conditions such as degenerative bone diseases and cancer. Scientists believe that the merge of therapies would lead to dramatic results. Matt Keiberlein- a professor of Pathology-believes that it might affect the lifespan up to 50%, 60%, or even 70%, but predicting accurately is difficult without trials.


Is the idea of life extension new?

With the maturity of the tech industry, professionals at Silicon Valley have started to become obsessed with introducing strategies that could stop the human aging process. The journey of life extension is not new, it began with daily workouts to remain fit and intermittent fasting for a healthy lifestyle. Over time, some startup employees and venture capitalists started taking plenty of pills every day, getting their brains injected with stem cells, and inserting the blood of virile and young in their bodies.


Since the idea behind Loyal for Dogs’ startup is new and out of the box, it is still not part of the mainstream industry. However, Celine Halioua, the founder and CEO of this startup plans for a bright future to grow the startup.


Her vision is to increase the overall life of humans and to achieve this goal, her startup has begun to work on dogs first. As stated by Halioua, dogs are considered the best models for humans. If the brand is successful in developing anti-aging drugs for dogs, people would be interested in the same sort of drugs for humans, too.


The idea behind running such trials on dogs before humans are not new. It’s an old approach that has been used by multiple scientists for years. Nearly 30,000 dog owners have had their dogs enter the dog aging project. The National Institute of Health backed this project by $25 million.


This project mainly revolves around the study of environmental and genetic factors that could affect the aging process in dogs. Furthermore, this trial will provide the compound Rapamycin to about 200 middle-aged dogs. According to Kaeberlein, Rapamycin has been observed to be effective in reversing or delaying aging in almost every tissue where it was looked at.


Even with a lot of potentials, Rapamycin is not the preferred compound of doctors. Since it has been used for patients of organ transplant, it causes many side effects. As per Keiberlein, the main cause behind the occurrence of side effects is the amount of Rapamycin given to organ transplant patients. They are given a very high dose of this product. The pills that Keiberlein and his team are creating will have a much lower dose of Rapamycin, resulting in a decreased number of issues. He further stated that he used the same product for relief from inflammation and pain.



The Consequences of Selective Breeding in Dog’s Health

The dogs we see today are the result of many years of breeding. Canine lovers and breeders bred them to be protective, loving, and friendly, etc. They were also bred to further beautify their appearance, especially fur, body, coat color, and size.


Undoubtedly, all world-famous breeds are stunning with a great temperament. However, severe inbreeding also increased the risk of passing on genetic mistakes onto the next litter. Today’s dogs suffer from certain health conditions due to selective breeding. Some potentially life-threatening yet common diseases include deafness in Dalmatians, hip dysplasia in German Shepherds, and respiratory diseases in English bulldogs.


Another outcome of selective breeding is that larger dogs have a shorter lifespan than shorter dogs. Just like cancer is a common disease among Golden Retrievers, big dogs have a surprisingly shorter lifespan than small dogs.


Health conditions that are the result of years of breeding cannot be cured right away. No one can change history but everyone should learn from the horrible mistakes that have been made in the past and change the future for good. By developing the drugs effective for anti-aging, Loyal for Dogs is trying its best to compensate for the selective breeding done in the past. If there is a way to provide your dogs with a healthier and longer lifestyle, it will bring an amazing change in the canine industry.


How to participate

If you wish to be a part of what seems to be a breakthrough study in the canine industry, you can join the startup by registering your dog from here.


There are multiple vacancies open for professionals that would like to join the cause. Help the team with your skills and fulfil the dream of every dog owner. Be the first one to be notified about recent and future opportunities for joining studies! You can also get regular updates on dog aging biology.



Conclusion: Is this possible?

Loyal is based on decades of research in anti-aging in dogs. While the above-mentioned information is not approved by the FDA, the team behind this noble cause believes that anti-aging in dogs is possible.


With the help of certain drugs, the aging diseases and health conditions that occur in older dogs can be prevented. These drugs are still in the phase of research, they are hypothesized to be very effective in delaying the aging process and providing a healthier life to your dog.


As dog lovers, we cannot begin to imagine the pain of owners who lost their dogs. Our pets are a significant part of our lives and seeing them suffering through any condition can be extremely saddening. Pets who get genetic conditions from their parents have hope now.


Their health can be improved and their lifespan can be increased. Finding a cure to any disease is a tough job, but it’s not impossible. That’s why the entire team behind Loyal for Dogs has been researching ways to create a drug that could delay anti-aging and provide the overall health of a canine. If turns out successful, this approach will soon bring incredible changes in dogs’ lifespans, thereby giving you more time to make memories with your fur babies.


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