The Best Dog Foods with Natural Ingredients 2021

The Best Dog Foods with Natural Ingredients 2021

Sep 21, 2021
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One of healthiest lifestyle choices for everyone in this era of processed foods is to take a more natural diet. If this can be of great benefit to humans, then it shouldn’t be any less for dogs. With a natural diet, you can offer your dogs a healthy life.


There are natural ingredients that can be found in some dog foods. These foods are referred to as natural dog foods. From a closer view, natural dog foods are expected to constitute ingredients got from animal, plant, or naturally occurring mineral sources. This implies that these dog foods are produced without any chemical constituents, just to get them in their natural state. Through natural dog food, your dog’s diet will be without ingredients such as artificial flavors & colors and man-made preservatives.


What are the benefits of Grain-free Dry Food?

The benefits of grain-free dry food are succinctly explained by Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, Fort Collins in Colorado. She showed that the grain-free dry food contains some ingredients such as salmon, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. According to her, salmon is great in supporting muscle development based on the high-quality protein in it. Also, A good source of carbohydrates that offers energy and helps promote digestion is sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Grain-free dry food improves your dog’s breath, makes your pup’s coat shiner and teeth whiter, decreases allergy symptoms and gastrointestinal diseases because it is easy to be digested.


Top 3 Natural Grain-free dry food

There are different kinds of natural grain-free dry food on market. However, some are highly rated than others. The top three are as follows:


Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes & Peas Dog Dry Food

Heka dog dry food is the most affordable natural grain-free dry food. With it, the health of your dog can be guaranteed. Heka dog dry food is characterized by some health-supporting key features that include skin& cost health, high in probiotics, Immunity support, digestive health, calming support, and antioxidants boost.


Nutrience SubZero Grain Free Canadian Pacific Dog Dry Food

Nutrience grain-free subzero dog dry food is a diet that contains both freeze-dried Nutriboost and protein-rich kibble which offers several benefits to your dogs. It is characterized by some health-supporting ingredients that include nutriboost freeze-dried raw, wholesome fruits & vegetables, coconut oil & botanicals, marine source Omega-3, and nutritional supplements (powerful prebiotics & probiotics).


ORIJEN Six Fish Dog Dry Food

ORIJEN six fish dog dry food is a diet that is nutrient balanced and protein-rich. It helps keep your dog happy and healthy. Besides, it is characterized by some health-supporting key features such as biologically appropriate, top ten animal ingredients fresh or raw, Whole Prey diet, and freeze-dried coated.



What are the benefits of Freeze- dried Dry Food?

One of the benefits of freeze-dried dry food is that it offers minimally processed nutrition to your dogs. Freeze-dried dog food also helps preserve the taste of meat ingredients and ingredient nutritional value.


Top Natural Freeze-dried Dry Food

Grain-free and freeze-dried can also be fed as a topper. One of the top natural freeze-dried dry food is K9 natural freeze-dried lamb feast dog dry food


K9 Natural Freeze- dried Lamb Feast Dog Dry Food

This is a diet that is ideally described to be species-appropriate and nutritionally sound that is good for the health of your dogs. It is good for any breed and of any age. It is a product that is free from artificial preservatives or flavors, added sugar, gluten, wheat, corn, or soy. Besides, it is made up of 85% raw meat, blood, crushed bone, and a small quantity of organ of meats that are got from grass-fed New Zealand livestock and 15% vegetables and fresh fruits. K9 Natural freeze-dried lamb feast dog dry food is a highly palatable recipe that offers perfect nutrition to all dogs irrespective of breed or age. It also promotes and sustains healthy joints, energy, and skin & coat for your dogs. Finally, its natural ingredients are of high quality.



What are the benefits of Raw Food?

There are several benefits provided by raw food when fed to dogs. Basically, they help maintain better health. When you feed your dogs the diet of raw meat, you help them enjoy benefits such as vibrant & calm energy, cleaner & healthier ears, cleaner teeth &fresher breath, cleaner & more muscular build, and glowing coats & shining eyes. In addition, raw food diet is also good for the environment as it helps reduce your dog’s stools which as a result makes the environment cleaner.


Top Natural Freeze-Dried Raw Food

There are different kinds of natural freeze-dried raw food. The top two include the Venison-flavored and the Duck-flavored.



The Raw Rawr balance diet freeze-dried Venison dog dry food is produced in New Zealand with grass-fed, free-range, pesticide, antibiotic, and hormone-free meats. It is no additives, suitable for both dogs, and cats, no high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) and contains human-grade ingredients.



WOOF Duck freeze-dried organic dog food is produced from the best quality ingredients which help promote the health of your dogs. It is a product that is completely natural. This implies that it contains no harmful chemicals, fillers (soy protein, corn, or feather meal), artificial colors, gum, sugar, antibiotics, growth hormones, or vaccines. In sum, it features antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties; rich in minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and natural enzymes; and rich in Omega fatty acids; rich in source of Vitamin D and Iron.

Feeding your lovely pet natural food that has no chemicals or added preservatives will make a huge difference in its overall health by making it less prone to certain diseases and boosting its energy level. Check Perromart store and get the best natural food at the best price.