Sustainable Pet Products for Every Room in Every Home

Sustainable Pet Products for Every Room in Every Home

Sep 12, 2021
10 min


Pet lovers know, what’s good enough for their animals has to be good enough for themselves. Our decisions have an influence. What we eat, where we buy, and how we move around can impact the environment’s long-term sustainability.

It’s also essential to think about what we’re doing for our pets. Cats and dogs leave a significant environmental footprint, from their waste to their toys. Simply feeding them releases 64 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, the equivalent of 13.6 million automobiles. However, on the other hand, pet companies are seeking new methods to promote environmental sustainability by integrating upcycled, reusable, and natural materials in their products.


Stay safe at home during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way of life of nearly every person in the world. Practices that may have once been overlooked, such as the cleaning methods used in homes, are now widely discussed topics regarded as essential measures to protect against COVID-19 and ensure health.

Let’s make a room to room visit and discuss the changes you can make to create an environment-friendly atmosphere at your homes for yourself and your pets!




In the Living Room

A Paw Made Craw & Claw 5-in-1 Wooden Cat Scratching Post may be placed in a living room. A large scratching board, a woven post, a hide and seek mouse toy, two hanging woven balls, and a tiny track with two woven balls make up this interactive wooden play. This fascinating and non-toxic toy is constructed of solid wood and has a unique design that will keep your meow-baby entertained for hours. The surface is smooth and easy to wipe with a moist cloth.


For dog lovers, Industrial Dog by Soda Pup Double Trouble Chew Toy and Treat Dispenser is a two-in-one product. The Double Trouble Toy is made to endure most “power chewer” dogs’ abuse. And the treat dispenser can be filled with some dog food and can help to kill boredom. If you fill the toy with the food, this will also solve the problem of fast eating for your dog.


In the Bathroom

To make your cats more sustainable, switch to sustainable kitty litter. Always give your cat an eco-friendly litter with 99.9% dust-free pallets using Eco Cane Natural Scented Cat Litter. It is free of any chemicals, perfumes, dyes, and other harmful synthetics. This is an eco-friendly product and is very useful for your cats. The litter is ultra-lightweight and provides long-lasting performance.


You always want to protect what you love. An eco-friendly poop bag is an essential sustainable pet product you should consider buying. Clean conscience compostable Dog Poop Bags are an addition to your bathrooms, making them fully sustainable and eco-friendly. These doggy poop bags are certified ASTM D6400 and by BPI. You won’t face breaking and tearing as the bags have large sizes, high flexibility, and are super strong.


In the Kitchen

If you believe the kitchen is one of your pet’s favorite areas in the house, you’re not alone. So why not make it as eco-friendly as possible? Paw Made Essentials Wood Base Ceramic Oblique Bowl White makes it possible. This Wood Base Ceramic Oblique Bowl makes mealtime feel like a gourmet experience for pets. The bowl is elevated by a wooden base that also reduces the stress and pain in the neck. This also makes the mealtime more comfortable.


In the Bedroom

Lots of companies are making environmentally friendly beds out of recycled materials! Both you and your cat may sleep off to peaceful dreams of our lovely planet with the Paw Made Ultra Snug 2-in-1 Igloo in Stone. A multipurpose – an igloo for your pet to snuggle in or even a cushion bed. It is extra cozy and lined with ramie cotton for a comfortable rest. Also, you don’t need to worry about the house decor as its design is minimalistic, modern and its simple color suits any kind of house décor.


Paw Made Ultra Comfort Cotton Sofa Bed in Pewter is a durable pet bed that comes in beautiful decorative prints to match your home decor. It is comprised of high-quality cotton and may be sunk into by your pets. You don’t need to worry while you travel, as the sofa bed is lightweight and easy to carry even on car rides. The elevated sides are an ideal resting place for your pup’s head and create the ultimate pooch retreat.



Pets Can Be Eco-Friendly Too!

If you keep pets, they are a part of your family. As a result, we must be as cautious about what we expose them to as we are about what we expose ourselves to. Eco-friendly pet care reduces your pet’s planetary paw print. The critical aspect about being aware of what we feed our pets is that such goods are also beneficial for your home and the environment.


We hope this article has assisted you in identifying some eco-friendly pet products to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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