Singapore: Affordable Staycation Spots To Enjoy With Your Pup

Singapore: Affordable Staycation Spots To Enjoy With Your Pup

Sep 21, 2021
8 min

Affordable Staycation Spots To Enjoy With Your Pup

In Singapore, one of our favourite social activities is having a staycation over the weekend. It’s the easier option when it comes to organising a getaway, and an added advantage is that we have the option of bringing our furkids with us- if we choose the right accommodation. For those of us wanting to include our pup in the fun without breaking the bank, here are some affordable pet-friendly staycation spots in Singapore.


1. Gallop Kranji Farm Resort

Gallop Resort is probably the only resort in Singapore that is not only pet-friendly but also has a pet cafe and swimming pool on its premises. The resort prides itself in its kampong-like villas, surrounded by over 100 local farms. Activities include agricultural tours, as well as fish, bee and birds nest farm tours. Animal lovers would be delighted to know that the resort has a pony and bunny corner, where kids can enjoy pony rides and feed the adorable animals. If your pup happens to get dirty during its exciting nature retreat, the resort even offers grooming services so you won’t have to deal with the mess. Read more about our experience at Gallop Resort’s pet cafe, Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe, here.

Rates: Standard Villa (2 pax), Superior Villa -from $150/night Standard Villa (4 pax) -from $200/night Premier Villa -from $250/night Executive Villa -from $280/night Family Suite -from $580/night


2. Civil Service Club@Loyang

Civil Service Club (CSC) is launching a new line of dog-friendly chalets at their Loyang division. These sea-view bungalows promise to be equipped with basic dog amenities, alongside the private beach that is accessible only by the gates connected to the dog-friendly bungalows. Your pup can look forward to exploring the generously-spaced 286 square-metre space. There will even be a common dog run connecting the dog-friendly bungalows, with wash points included. The four-bedroom chalet comes with a fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioning and a bbq pit. Only three units are being turned into dog-friendly bungalows, so be sure to make an advanced booking if you wish to secure a slot. If you would like to view these new bungalows, drop by CSC’s upcoming open house on 6 and 7 October, exciting activities for you and your pup await. Bookings can only be made from 8 October onward.

Rates: undisclosed


3. Gardenasia

Also located in the Kranji countryside is Gardenasia, a beautiful resort that is sprawled over two hectares of land. Their farmstay villas have been designed to take you back in time, yet retaining a touch of modern flair. The one-bedroom villas also give you access to the resort’s tennis court, swimming pool and playground. Each villa can accommodate a maximum of four guests, excluding your furkid. If you would like to take your furkid along, please contact Gardenasia for more information. Do note that villas are not available for rent on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays.

Rates: Weekday (Wednesday and Thursday) -$280++/night Weekend (Friday and Saturday) -$350++/night


4. Pitch a tent

If you’re really on a tight budget, the most affordable option would be to pitch a tent along the shores of East Coast Park. Have a picnic or BBQ while enjoying the sand beneath your feet and the cool sea breeze against your face. If your dog loves to swim, play a round of fetch in the waters or take a dip in the sea with it. You and your pup are sure to have a ball of time without excessive spending on luxury. If you’re considering this option, remember to apply for your camping permit. Camping is only allowed within Areas D and G for a maximum of four nights a month.

Rates: free


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