Signs Your Cat Is Happy

Signs Your Cat Is Happy

Sep 21, 2021
8 min

When you have pets, you probably want to understand what she wants and what she’s trying to tell you. You can’t talk to her but there is a way to understand what she feels. This is through properly deciphering her body language. When you know what she means, it will be easier for you to understand her and know what your pet wants. You might not yet be aware of it, but cats are communicative. They can express their thoughts through cat body language. Even though they are independent and seem to be solitary, they can also learn to communicate with us. Cats have a better chance of being communicative especially when the owners know how to train and understand them. You should be reminded that cats are different from the dogs. Tail wagging for dogs mean happiness while it means annoyance for cats. There are more body language clues that you must understand if you want to enjoy your time with your cat more. 

Sign 1: Raised Ears Or Alert

Your cat is happy and relaxed if you can see that their ears are alert. Aside from this, their tails should not flick back and forth. If your cat is feeling safe with you, she will look at you and squints her eyes. You just have to observe the body parts of your cat as they show you what she feels. For example, some cats want a tummy rub. There are others who do not like it and will let you know by biting you quickly. A cat who is lying down and exposing her belly which is her most vulnerable part, is demonstrating that she is trusting of you.

Sign 2: A Welcome Greeting

When you get home, your cat will generally greet you. There are signs that will show you that your cat is happy to see you. A cat will normally greet you and rub her face, whiskers and chin so that her scent will be left on your body. This is like marking her territory and letting others know that your are part of her territory. Her tail will also straighten up showing that she is happy.

Sign 3: Purring

Purring can sometimes be a manifestation that the cat is happy. Although purring can be used to signal discontent, stress and even sickness occasionally, it is usually a sign that a cat is showing affection towards you or someone else. However, given the circumstances it should be possible to differentiate between these two very different emotions. By observing what else the cat isdoing, you can properly determine the meaning of the purr. As always, if you aren’t sure about your cats health, you should visit a vet.

Sign 4: Hunting Pose

A cat likes to hunt and this is the time that she plays. If you cat is in this kind of mood, you will observe that she keeps her body low to the ground. If she wants to play with you, she will hold her tail up in a question mark form. This will signal you that your cat is ready to have fun and she wants to play with you. On the other hand, when your cat is near you and leans her whole body into you, this shows that she needs something from you. What she needs can be in forms of affection or food.

Other Signs

There are other happy cat signs such as being enthusiastic about their surroundings, behaving well and eating normally. If your cat is watching you with eyes half closed, it is a sign of affection or trust. Your cat is happy too if she is holding her tails high or in a “question mark” and following you around the house. It’s important not to try and force your cat into doing any of the above. If you treat your cat well, feed her properly and give her freedom that she needs, then over time your relationship will build naturally.