How To Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box Clean

How To Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box Clean

Sep 21, 2021
9 min

Cats are beautiful creatures, and it is no news flash that cats can be fussy. They prefer cleanliness and take much care of their cleanliness, but they want their favorite human to provide them with it too. The first step in providing them with a clean environment is to provide them with a clean litter box.

 A clean litter box can make their pooping experience unforgettable, while a dirty litter box can ruin their whole day and their private time too. If a cat’s litter box is dirty and unhygienic for a long time, then they will prefer to do their pooping somewhere else privately, and you might not like that. So, to save yourself from these situations, it is preferred to regularly clean their litter box.

There are some tips and tricks to make your cat’s private place clean:

1. Removing Clumps and Spraying Daily

If you want to save yourself from the big fuss, then try to clean your cat’s litter box daily. Tips for cleaning the litter box daily are as follows:

Use a scoop to take out the droppings and clumps at least once a day. For this purpose, use the Stefanplast Multipurpose Food Scoop from perromart. This Stefanplast Scoop is made to last long with durable, high imapct plastic.

Its design is right according to your needs. The empty spaces in the scoops allow the unused litter to stay inside the box. The Stefanplast Scoop is easy to clean and is reusable. After using the scoop, clean it with fresh water and store it in a plastic bag.

Spray the box with an odor eliminator to eliminate the odor from the litter box. If you are looking for the best odor eliminator spray, then look no further because Simple Solution Cat Litter Box Odor Eliminator is the perfect solution for all of your problems. After scooping, spray the litter box to eliminate odor and make the box fresh and ready to use again for your cat.

Clean the edges of the box with soap and water to make it clean and hygienic for your cat.

2. Weekly Cleaning of the Litter Box

Daily cleaning is essential to reduce the odor and maintain your cat’s litter box’s hygiene. But after a week, it is crucial to change the litter of the box and completely clean the box thoroughly. For this thorough cleaning, follow the steps to clean your Cat’s litter box entirely.

For cleaning, empty the box and take out the old litter, and put it in a bag to dump outside later. Wash and clean the box with soap and water. Try to use soap without ammonia and bleach because cats are susceptible to smells. The soap smell may cause them to avoid the box and do their private job somewhere else.

After cleaning and drying the box, add the new and fresh litter into the box. For this purpose, use NAMA Soya Charcoal Clumping Cat Litter from perromart. This litter is specially designed for cats keeping their hygiene and comfort in mind.

It is eco-friendly, super absorbent, tracking-free and clump instantly. This litter clumps to stop the liquid from getting to the bottom of the box, which reduces odor and provides comfortable cleaning.

One thing that can be used to increase the Cat’s comfort and cleanliness is Absorb Charcoal Plus Pet Sheets available on perromart. Recommended by 98% of the pet owners, these charcoal sheets show their worth.

These are special sheets to absorb odor from the litter box and provide the Cat with both comfort and cleanliness at the same time. These sheets are leak-proof and can even be used on carpets if you don’t have a litter box. The sheets stick to the carpet thanks to the added glue at the corners and provide easy cleaning and leakage-free experience.

3. Changing the Litter Box Once a Year

Maintaining the litter box is essential but changing the box is even more critical. As suggested by the vets and companies, the box should be changed once a year to keep your cat safe from various allergies caused by bacteria present in the box. If you want to see your cat healthy and happy, try to change their box once a year to keep them loving their favorite place.

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Hygiene is vital for humans and as well as animals. Everyone has their ways of cleaning their surroundings, and themselves and cats are no exception.

Cats love being clean and hygienic, and they expect their human to clean their favorite places clean too. So, follow the steps mentioned above to provide your cat with a clean and hygienic litter box where they can enjoy their private time.