Rawhide Is Dangerous For Your Dog

Rawhide Is Dangerous For Your Dog

Sep 21, 2021
6 min

Most of us have seen rawhide chews in the pet store, even considering them as we pass by. Sure, they seem like a fantastic, inexpensive treat to keep our pooches occupied, and dogs absolutely love chewing them away into nothing! But, rawhide chews present a hidden danger that should be made known to all owners immediately!

Potential Hazards

 Rawhide chews come from the inner layer of cow and horse hides. During manufacturing, they are cleaned and cut then pressed into several small treats for dogs. Ew, sounds disgusting already… but there’s more to it! Some rawhides are made from leather, then glued together!


As with all chews, rawhides can potentially contain dangerous metals. This can be more of a problem with countries that have lesser regulations regarding animal feed production. No matter where they are produced, animal hides are treated with potentially dangerous chemicals to ‘clean and preserve’!

Choking or Blockage

Posing the biggest risk of all, rawhides may be a dangerous choking or blockage hazard. If a dog swallows large pieces, they can get stuck in the oesophagus or other parts of the digestive tract. Even if the owner can get to the vet in time, removal might require costly surgery. Death is not something you can joke with! But honestly, can you imagine? One minute your beloved pet is chewing away contently, and all of the sudden, he suddenly starts gagging? You have heard that dry, slow hacking sound dogs sometimes make, but what if it didn’t stop? Do you think you would be able to get your pet to a vet in time? What if it is a weekend and no vet nearby is working, or you were not at home…..

Gradual Overdose

All rawhides are treated with dangerous chemicals prior to distribution, but in (hopefully) very low amounts; your dog being poisoned from one probably isn’t going to happen. However, as the chemicals build up in your pet’s body over time, gradual overdose is a very real possibility!

The Disgusting Truth Behind Pet Food Industry

 For as long as they have existed, rawhide manufacturers have taken shortcuts to maximize profits. Rawhide manufacturers will produce the absolute cheapest product possible, while still meeting minimum legal and nutritional requirements. Given the enormous pet care industry, and the number of rawhides distributed globally, your pet’s risk is relatively high. Stop feeding rawhide and spread this message to other owners who are not educated about rawhides. Are you really willing to take the risk?

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