Meet Nala, a Singapore Special

Meet Nala, a Singapore Special

May 18, 2022
8 min

In today’s post, we have a special Q&A featuring one of our perromart influencers, Nala (@lil.missnala)! Nala is currently 2 years and 5 months old and is well taken care of by her pawrent, Vini! Get to know more about Nala, a Singapore Special (SS) down below!

Q: How did you come to adopt your Singapore Special?

A: We were actively looking for dogs to adopt when we heard of someone fostering a litter of puppies through a friend who was keen on adopting Nala’s brother. Long story short, we went down to the foster’s house to play with the puppies and have a chat with the foster team. We then realised that Nala was the most reserved puppy of the lot, as her siblings ran out to play with us, she stuck close to her mother and refused to come out of her playpen. It was then, we decided that Nala was the one we wanted to adopt. (Ironically, she was not as popular as her other siblings, as she was the last puppy to leave the litter. It’s probably because she was so timid which could leave potential adopters feeling unsure about her). It was just the opposite for us!

Q: Where did you adopt Nala from and how old is she?

A: We adopted Nala from a private rescue team under action for dogs when she was 8 weeks old.

Q: Tell us more about Nala and her personality!

A: Nala is the most loving doggo out there, although she can be skittish near loud noises and huge objects e.g. Bus. She is friendly with other dogs and loves playing with them. With unfamiliar humans, she takes time to warm up, but after you walk into our house and she has had a sniff, she will walk over to the sofa and lay there. Leaving you be. She can be protective with us, and would sit in between us and unfamiliar humans (e.g Part time helpers) when we’re having a conversation. It’s pretty funny for a SS who is not the bravest but wants to protect her family!

Q: Has her personality changed since you’ve adopted her? 

A: Yes, She is a lot more social with dogs and humans. Of course she is still timid at times but she has definitely come out of her shell more as we are constantly exposing her to social situations.

Q: Is it true that Singapore Specials are more aggressive (in terms of the way they act around humans and animals) than “typical” breeds?

A: I think that is a common misconception, every dog can be “more aggressive” depending on the environment they were brought up in. No one is born aggressive, it is a learnt behaviour. I think this label comes from Singapore Specials being ‘dogs of the wild’ therefore people assume that their main traits are being aggressive, not good with kids, etc. Nala loves children and would always lick their faces. This is a prime example that not all SS’s are aggressive. 

Q: What is Nala’s favorite product from perromart?

A: Nala loves all her absolute treats and their pet wipes!

Q: What is one piece of advice you would like to give people who are thinking of adopting a Singapore Special?

A: My advice would be to only adopt if you know you are ready for the responsibility! It is just like having a child, if you don’t have time for a child, you probably don’t have time for a dog too. Singapore Specials are breeds that need committed loving families who will not give up on them when things get hard. So if you’re ready for that sort of commitment, Go for it!

Q: Are there any unique features of Singapore Specials?

A: Singapore Specials are extremely loving and protective dogs. They are dogs that will literally go anywhere with you once you have created that bond with them!

*Perrobook would especially like to thank Nivi and Nala for being part of this Q&A Session. Don’t forget to check out this cutie’s instagram account @lil.missnala and give her a follow!

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