Places To Get A Dog massage In Singapore

Places To Get A Dog massage In Singapore

Sep 21, 2021
6 min

Ever wondered what is a dog massage? Have you ever had a massage and felt good after? Same for your dogs, they need a good massage session too! According to Dr. Michael W. Fox, massage has so many physical and psychological benefits for your dog that you could almost call it an essential of healthcare, like grooming, feeding, and exercise! Potential issues can thus be identified and addressed immediately through the re-balancing of energy. Benefits are overwhelming, which includes improving circulation, reduce pain and remove toxins etc. Of course, not anyone does it. You would need to seek qualified and professional canine massage practitioners. Putting pressure on the wrong ‘spots’ or ‘areas’ may actually cause discomfort to your dog. Leave this to the professionals, while you just focus on belly rubs! Here is a list of places in Singapore to let your fur-iend enjoy some paw-sure relieving massage sessions!

List Of Places To Get A Dog Massage In Singapore


1. Petopia


Petopia is Singapore’s first holistic pet wellness centre. In affirming its commitment to provide the finest and most revolutionary pet-care services available, Petopia adopts technology from Japan. Petopia has redefined pet-care in Singapore with its holistic, transparent and accountable approach, together with its suite of state of the art equipment.


Address: 26 Jalan Kelulut

Price: $58 Onwards

Phone Number: 68869056

Contact: Facebook / Website / Instagram

2. Pawsitive Sensations


Pawsitive Sensations was started in California, USA, in 2004 to provide professional and qualified canine massage techniques to various pet lovers. Having moved back to Singapore, we hope to share our knowledge on canine massage to Singapore dog lovers, just like how dog loving owners in America have taken advantage of for so many years. Pawsitive Sensations specialise in relaxation and therapeutic massage for canines and offer various types of packages and services!


Address: NIL. Homecall service is available.

Price: $30 Onwards

Phone Number: 9768 1417

Contact: Facebook / Website

3. Paws Fur Life


Massage is an important complement to veterinary care and proves invaluable benefits to your furry family members. All massages are performed in the comfort of your dog’s home and surroundings by their certified canine massage therapist. Paws Fur Life believe that massage and good nutrition should be part of your dog’s holistic preventive medicine and health maintenance. Your doggies are your fur-ever friends who deserve the very best.


Address: NIL. Homecall service is available.

Price: $40 Onwards

Phone Number: 96183554

Contact: Facebook / Website