Places To Do Dog Agility Courses in Singapore

Places To Do Dog Agility Courses in Singapore

Sep 21, 2021
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List of Dog Agility Courses in Singapore

Looking to train your dog into a agile canine? Take a look at this list of agility training grounds with certified trainers where they will train your paws to be fast moving!


1. Singapore Indoor Dog Agility Arena




The Singapore Indoor Dog Agility Arena is located at the North-east part of Singapore. SIDAA is pretty new as it has only started operation in the early 2017. It has a space of up to 10,000 square feet that is suited for Dog Training and Competition and Pet-related events like workshop, seminar, exhibition, celebration party and community gathering. The arena is equipped with Dog walk, see-saw, A-Frame, tunnels, weave, tire, wall and jumps that are used by the trainers for dogs agility training.

Address: Ulu Pandan Road, Singapore 596471

Opening hours: Daily 6am to 12midnight (by appointment)

Contact: +65 9839 3394

Facebook: Singapore Indoor Dog Agility Arena https://www.facebook.com/Singapore-Indoor-Dog-Agility-Arena-1285358671530207/

Webpage: Singapore Indoor Dog Agility Arena


2. Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool



Bugle is actually a name of a 10-month old fun-loving Miniature Schnauzer owned by the certified trainer (Cindy Cheong) of this K-9 Training skool. Bugle offers several training programs that include Basic Obedience, Advance Obedience, Specialty Training Programs, Behaviour Modification Program, and Group Agility for Fun Programs.

Its Group Agility for Fun program consist of 6 different kinds:

Dog Agility Confidence Course of 4 weeks

Foundation & Groundwork for Dog Agility of 6 weeks

Contacts and Weave Pole Training Class of 6 weeks

Jump Training Class of 6 weeks

Agility Sequencing Class of 6 weeks

Dog Agility Games Class of 4 weeks

Contact: +65 9620 0280

Facebook: Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool

Webpage: Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool


3. Clean Run Agility Club




The Clean Run Agility Club has a mission to make agility fun and easily accessible to all. It was set up by a group of dog loving individuals hooked on the game of agility. It started as dog lovers who are in love with sports, as well as having fun. Its training ground is equipped with Jumps, Spread Jump, Tire, Long jump, Collapsible Tunnel, Pipe Tunnel, Weave Poles, A-Frame, Teeter and Dogwalk. Some of the agility games clean run offers include:

Agility-a full course of agility equipment

Jumping -a course without contact equipment

Speed Stakes -a course made up with only jumps and tunnels

Gamblers -with a goal to accumulate as many points as possible within the time allotted and then to make a decision and perform one of the two short closing sequences.

Snooker -to score as many points within the maximum course time set by the judge

Power and Speed -test your dog’s versatility on a course designed in two parts

Snake & Ladders

Contact: [email protected]

Webpage: The Clean Run Agility Club


4. Puppy Colours



Puppy Colours, strategically situated new the Newton MRT station, was launched in 2013. It is a dog training school that teaches dog owners to teach their dogs using methods based on behavioural science. Additionally, they use positive signals and positive reinforcement, without using any force! Puppy Colours offers a range of services such as Graduate Programme for teenage and adult dogs, Master programme for life and social skills in the real-world, Fun Agility for dog & owner who wants to do fun sport, and Tricks & Dance to learn fun tricks and dance moves with your dog.


Address: Newton Campus 182 Bukit Timah Road (Near Newton MRT)

Contact: [email protected]

Facebook: Puppy Colours


5. Dog Training Singapore



Dog Training Singapore is a website managed and owned by Biz Edge Consultancy Pte Ltd. It has a vision to enrich the lives of Singapore Dogs through clicker training -a gentle, dog friendly and humane approach to dog training. It offers a couple of services such as Dog Obedience, Dog Toilet Training, Dog Behavioral Problem Handling, Agility and etc.

Its Agility lessons are spread over 5 lessons as follows:

Level 1 -Fundamentals of Dog Agility

Level 2 -Obstacle and Handler Proficiency Plus Intro to Sequencing

Level 3 -Novice Sequencing

Level 4 -Intermediate Sequencing

Level 5 -Advance Sequencing

Contact: +65 6871 4245

Webpage: Dog Training Singapore


6. APawz Fitness & Dogsports Academy




APawz is a training school that educate the dog owner to train their puppy & dog positively without pain or fear. Apart from obedience & puppy training services they offer, it also offer some of the canine courses such as,

Agility/Jumper -sporty owner & dogs

K9 dancing -owner & dog that love trick game

Social Learning Game -owner & dog interactive

Scent Game (2 types: Fun & Scent detection) -Educating your dog’s nose

Impulse control game

Contact: +65 9322 3310

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 0900hrs to 2200hrs

Address: Punggol Marina Club

Facebook: APawz Dogsports Academy


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