Petcare Trends to Watch for 2020

Petcare Trends to Watch for 2020

Sep 21, 2021
12 min

As the number of pets and pet owners continues to increase, so does the upward growth of the pet care industry. This can be attributed to the fact that pet owners only want what’s best for their pets. And why not? Pets are family members! Thus, pets get premium quality food, vet care, supplies, accessories, and other items and services. This is indeed a potent fuel for the growth of the industry! With the New Year comes key trends that every pet owner should know about. Here are our top 3 list:

1. Trend One: Premiumization of Pet Food Products

Pet parents are now taking a proactive approach to their pet’s health and well-being by choosing pet food products that are of premium quality, complete, balanced, and appropriate for their pet’s life stage. They have become more educated about their pet’s nutritional needs so much so that they have become more selective in their choices.

Organic or Natural Pet Food

With more people choosing to go the “natural” way, pet food products formulated with ingredients that are organically-sourced have become more popular. In keeping up with the “clean pet food label trend”, many are now scrutinizing labels of pet food products to make sure that their pets only consume pet food with ingredients that are natural and nutritious.

When choosing organic pet food, pet parents are now also looking beyond established benefits like nutritional content, dental health, and healthy skin and hair coat. They are also choosing products based on packaging as this can reflect how well products are protected from the elements as well as their shelf-life. Packaging also adds value to the look and feel of the product, as evidenced with brands & products such as Halo® Adult Dog Holistic Dry Foods and The Honest Kitchen Dry Foods.

Customized Food Plans

Have you heard about customized food plans for pets? There is now an increasing demand for personalized pet food products because many pet parents prefer freshly-made pet food meals delivered straight to the doors of pet owners. Custom-made pet foods are specially formulated to meet the specific needs of individual pets. In response to the demand, many pet food companies have now come up with a pet food subscription service that offers fresh, natural, and handmade meals.

Halal Cat Food

Halal certified cat food products have always been developed with Muslim cat parents in mind. But even non-Muslim cat parents are now buying these products because they have the guarantee that their furballs are eating food that has been manufactured based on the highest standards for hygiene and quality according to Islamic law, such as ProDiet Tuna Dry Cat Food and Fussie Cat Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Cat Dry Food.

2. Trend Two: Tech Trends for Pets and Pet Owners

With pet humanization, pet owners only want the best for their furry companions. Many software development companies have jumped into the bandwagon to get a chunk out of the rapidly-growing pet food industry. There are now newly-designed platforms and apps that can help pet owners provide better care for their pets and enhance their interaction. Some of the most popular apps include the following:

  • Furbo – It’s a camera and interaction center in one that can be controlled remotely. You can actually monitor your pet right from your smartphone! Just install the app and you can check on your pet dogs at home. It has a speaker so you can talk to your pet and you could also be alerted if your pet is barking too much. (https://shopus.furbo.com/)
  • BabelBark – It’s an app where you can find reputable local veterinarians whose services are truly affordable. The app also allows you to track every detail about your pet’s health and well-being including his diet and activities. It can also help you find your pet in case he gets lost. (https://babelbark.com/)
  • Rover – When you need to find a temporary accommodation for your pet, you can just check the app. It’s actually like an Airbnb for pets! (https://www.rover.com/)

3. Trend Three: Sustainable Pet Care Products

When it comes to sustainability goals, many pet owners naturally consider their pets by choosing only eco-friendly products to help reduce their carbon footprint. Some of the top considerations include the following:

  • Purchase pet food products from brands that use green packaging, such as recycled materials or buy in big bags to reduce packaging waste.
  • Use compostable waste bags because these are made from biodegradable materials.
  • Find eco-conscious accessories, such as dog leashes that are made of cork and hemp, or cat break-away collars made from recycled materials, or sustainable materials such as bamboo and hemp.
  • Choose doggie or cat clothes that use eco-friendly materials and fabrics that meet environmental standards.
  • Buy pet toys and beds that use recycled plastic fiber and are eco-friendly.

Indeed, the pet industry’s upward trajectory continues to be an unprecedented phenomenon. The increase in the number of pets and pet owners contributes significantly to the brighter future and possibilities of the business.


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