Pet-friendly hotels in Singapore

Pet-friendly hotels in Singapore

Sep 21, 2021
5 min

Oh, the perils of leaving Quinn behind in Singapore. The last time I was away for 18 days touring Europe, he was peeing at doorsteps and making a raucous about being abandoned. Since discovering one of the best (and arguably most well-priced) pet sitters in Singapore, Wizard of Paws (read it in an article here!), leaving Quinn in the capable hands has never felt better. As if a huge load had abandoned itself from my shoulders, traveling abroad became free and easy, with Quinn still well-fed and heartily played with during my numerous vacations.

Nevertheless, pet hotels are still scarce.

With the recent policy change amongst several hotels in Singapore, such as the Conrad Centennial Singapore and Capella Singapore, it’s a hope for all that pet-friendly hotels are on the rise. Pet owners are even encouraged to bring their fur-kids along with them, their dietary needs catered specially with a separate food menu. Along with beds, food bowls, water bowls, and grooming services. However, these rooms still remain as pricey as they come, as cleaning charges go through the roof due to the presence of your little pooch. All allergens, fur, dust and possible bugs are stripped from the room through extensive cleaning, in preparation for the next house guest and their fur-kid.

The downside of pet-friendly hotels

  1. They are usually localised, and you still don’t get to bring your furry friend along with you overseas
  2. Unlike pet sitters, checking your dog into a pet-friendly hotel still requires the physical presence of a human owner.
  3. My pockets aren’t deep enough to afford a hotel getaway for myself, let alone Quinn – The major pain in the butt
  4. Unlike apps such as TripAdvisor, there is no rating-based app or service present at the moment to filter the good experiences from the bad, thus having to trust your gut and take a chance that the experience at an expensive pet-friendly hotel may be poor. Not a chance I’m willing to take.

What about you? What are your thoughts on the whole pet-friendly hotel debacle?

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