Perro Recipe: Dog-friendly Chicken and Mash Sweet Potato

Perro Recipe: Dog-friendly Chicken and Mash Sweet Potato

Sep 21, 2021
2 min

Are you sick of cooking the same old food? Here is just another recipe idea to spice up your dog’s diet! Here we have – chicken and mash sweet potato. Of course, if your dog is allergic to chicken, you may easily replace it with any meat of your choice. If not, chicken is definitely a good choice – chicken is not a bad ingredient for your dog’s food as what others would say! Enjoy watching our video tutorial video below – don’t forget to share it with your fur-riends if you like it!



If you want to keep a copy of the recipe in your wallet or on your fridge, here is the hard copy version of it. Happy making your dog’s tummy happy – because they deserve nothing but the best!


With just two different ingredients, this is another simple recipe with approximately 10 minutes preparation time. It is important to have different ingredients everyday so your dog will have enough nutrients! Enjoy cooking, and let us know if you have any recipes you want us to do a tutorial on! 🙂


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