Perro Navi: Brighton Vet Care

Perro Navi: Brighton Vet Care

Jan 12, 2022
4 min

Brighton Vet Care’s mission is to provide compassionate and best quality veterinary care by treating your pets like their own. Best of all, the team provides after-hours emergency services to pets that require urgent medical attention after clinic hours.







Consultations. Vaccinations. Vaccination Antibody Titre Tests. Wellness Screening. Preventive Care. Endoscopy (including rigid endoscopy of the ears, flexible endoscopy for retrieval of foreign objects in the stomach). Surgeries (including keyhole laparoscopy surgeries, sterilization surgeries). Dental Surgeries, Scaling & Polishing (including rabbit, guinea pig dentistry). Acupuncture. Canine Myofunctional Therapy (dog massage). Dedicated anaesthetic monitoring for GA and sedation procedures. Pre-export health checks.







In-house laboratory services including Blood count and blood biochemistry machines Microscopy Urine analysis Faecal analysis Sterile surgical suite Endoscopy and ligasure vessel-sealing equipment Full dental unit and dental X-rays Digital X-rays.