Mid-Pawtumn Festival: Pet-Safe Mooncake (DIY Recipe & Barkeries)

Mid-Pawtumn Festival: Pet-Safe Mooncake (DIY Recipe & Barkeries)

Dec 17, 2021
14 min

It’s that time of the year again: We’re gathered with family and loved ones for the annual Mid-Autumn Festival reunion dinner or mooncake festival (safely and responsibly, of course, it is after all the year 2020), reminiscing about our childhood days of zooming around void decks waving colorful lanterns, sparklers, and candles (yes, hoomans partake in zoomies too). Now picture this: as you take that first delicious, mouthwatering bite into a double-salted egg yolk mooncake, a sudden movement from the corner of your eye catches your attention and you pause mid-bite… yup, your furkid has indeed materialized out of thin air and is currently giving you the biggest puppy dog or Puss-in-Boots eyes. You’re in the ultimate pawrent dilemma: is it safe to share the mooncake with your furkid? Will they never speak to me again if I don’t? That is why we at perromart have created this Mid-Pawtumn Festival guide with pet-safe tips and advice on how to celebrate this tradition with your furkid! We will be sharing our favourite DIY Pet-Safe (dog and cat) Mooncake recipe with step-by-step preparation instructions and where to shop for artisanal pet-friendly mooncakes that will have your furkid (and possibly you) drooling in seconds. Special woof goes out to our pals at B2K and Chef Duchess for putting together this instructional video. https://www.youtube.com/embed/8csil1AVEn4



DIY Pet-Safe Mooncake Recipe


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Yield: 2-3 mooncakes Serving size: 1 mooncake per pup Total time: approx. 45 mins


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  • 1 mooncake mould
  • Potato masher


Making mooncake base

Step 1: Boil water in a medium-sized pot

Step 2: Prepare your ingredients(This will be rolled into your mooncake base, so prepare accordingly to the size of your pup’s appetite) Choose from this colorful variety of pup-safe natural ingredients:

  • Potato
  • Sweet potato
  • Beetroot
  • Turmeric

Instruction: peel and chop into 1-inch chunks

Step 3: Boil ingredients and mash separately to avoid mixing colors.

  • Optional: add natural coloring to your ingredients for a more festive vibe.

Preparing mooncake filling Step 4: [For Dog] Choose from any or a combination of the following fillings: 

[For Cat] Choose from any or a combination of the following fillings:

Putting the mooncake together

Step 5: Roll your dough (mooncake base from Steps 1-3) into a ball

Step 6: Flatten it into a pancake

Step 7: Scoop mooncake fillings onto center of pancake

Step 8: Roll all that goodness up (make sure the filling’s nice and snug in the center)

Step 9: Press into mooncake mould with puppy paws

Step 10: Share photos and videos of your furkid’s first bite and tag us on Instagram (@perromart.sg) and Facebook to show off your skills!

Step 11: Repeat Steps 1-10 as many times as your furkid likes! perroTIPS: Once your furkid has licked up every crumb to his satisfaction, be sure to finish off with some dental care practices. It is vet-recommended to brush your pet’s teeth daily with the use of pet toothbrushes & toothpastes,teeth and gum wipes, or plaque sprays. On top of this routine, you can reward your pet with dental chews that double up as treats in moderation!



Where To Find and Buy Pet-Safe Mooncakes

Paw-pressed for time? Check out these Singapore barkeries where you can purchase beautifully-crafted pet-friendly mooncakes and other Mid-Pawtumn Festival treats!

1. Barking Good SG



2. Moon Pups

Last but not least, the most popular mooncake flavour amongst our doggos: Mmm Mao Shan Wang! 🤩 Pamper your furkids with our generously filled MSW durian mooncakes! It contains various vitamins and is high in fibre. As addictive as this is, ensure that your furkid consumes this in moderation as durian is high in fats! 🤭

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3. Feed My Paws

Grab yours at just $8.90 a pack! 🥮😘🤩 MINI MEATY MOONIES: Made with fresh, lean pork loin, and naturally coloured with fragrant turmeric, steamed purple sweet potatoes, and juicy beetroot, these little mooncakes are the perfect afternoon snack! MINI VEGGIE MOONIES: Steamed purple sweet potatoes and Sweet Japanese pumpkin make these Mini Veggie Moonies naturally sweet and tasty!

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4. All Year

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[Limited Slots – Japanese Sweet Potato Skin Mooncake with Pumpkin & Salmon Filling for your 🐕] Preorder slots are filling up fast for 26/27th Sept weekend fulfilment! $12.70 for 2 Do let us know if you prefer to receive your order in advance. We may also open up some slots on weekday nights leading up to Mid-Autumn Festival, so that more doggos can enjoy our mooncakes! Watch this space for new updates 🙂 Thank you for the overwhelming response since our preorder opened 3 days ago 😍 – • 50g each • designs picked at random • free pickup at dover mrt • islandwide delivery $6 • delivery will be made the weekend before Mid-Autumn Festival (26/27th Sept) • optional free gift message card available –

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When is Mooncake Festival 2020?

Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 1st October 2020, Thursday. Enjoying mooncakes with loved ones has always been a highlight of Mid-Autumn Festival, and we at perromart believe that pets are family that deserve to be included in special moments like these. As we inch closer to the start of Mid-Autumn Festival, stay tuned for more of such tips and guides on how to celebrate and create forever memories the right way with your pet! This recipe and food is intended as a treat or snack. Treats should only constitute a small percentage of your pet’s daily food intake, as overfeeding treats can lead to severe nutrient deficiencies. If unsure of the compatibility with your pet’s diet, consult your pet’s veterinarian before offering these food items.