Meet The Breeds: Singapura Cat

Meet The Breeds: Singapura Cat

Sep 20, 2021
14 min

Big eyes and ears, blunt tale, ticked coat are the attributes of Singapura Cat that cannot be overlooked. Mere hearing their name signifies that they originate from Singapore. However, its origin can be very controversial. This is because many people argue that the cat was first raised in the United States before the owners moved to Singapore. It is the smallest in size among the family of domestic cats.

Singapura Cat Breed Information

Singapura Cat personality is characterized by being an attention seeker so when you decide to raise one, be ready to give it your full attention. They love sitting in the lap and getting to meet new people. Here are some fun facts about Singapura Cat

Weight: male: 6-8 lbs …. Female: 4-6 lbs

Height: 9 to 12 inches

Eye color: Hazel, green, and yellow

Coat: sepia-toned short coat

Lifespan: 11-15 years

Temperament: friendly, playful, intelligent, and loves to explore

Difficulty level for first-time owners (on a scale of 1-10 paws): Singapura Cats are an excellent choice for first-time owners as they are sociable, friendly, and easy to train. One thing that can provoke them to spook is when they hear a loud noise.

What Are the Types of Singapura Cat?

The only types of Singapura Cat come in male and female breeds. There is no much difference between both breeds. Just that the male type is usually larger than the female type. Even with that, you cannot compare the size of the Singapura Cats to other cats. Male Singapura Cats are always healthier than female Singapura Cats because the male type doesn’t get pregnant. When the female breed gets pregnant, there are often complications, which a veterinary doctor can help with.

Are Singapura Cats Good Pets?

Oh yes! Singapura cats are one of the best pets you can ever think of when raising a pet. Its loyalty and friendliness make it a good pet. Also, Singapura Cat trainability is easy. They love to be engaged, so you can fill up their leisure time with instructions and commands, so they get used to them. Their curious nature and high energy make them a good recommendation for a pet. And if you have a large family structure, then the Singapura Cat is the best pet to raise in your home.

If you own other pets, be rest assured that adding a Singapura Cat to the family will be a blessing. This is because they usually get along very well with other animals.

Are Singapura Cats HDB approved?

Singapura cats are not approved by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). However, they are registered in The Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1982.

What Health Issues Do Singapura Cats Face?

Singapura Cats are generally healthy. Though they are prone to the following health conditions;

Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKD)

This is an inherited genetic disease caused by deficiency of an enzyme important for red blood cell energy metabolism and results in hemolytic anemia. Don’t be worried, Singapura Cats with these diseases can still live a normal life. And if your cat is diagnosed with the disease, just go see a veterinary doctor who can treat the condition through a bone marrow transplant.

Uterine Inertia

Due to their weak muscles, they can’t produce kittens themselves or else through cesarean section. This health issue is known as uterine inertia. Like human beings, Singapura Cats need adequate and timely exercise to keep fit.

Dental Diseases

They can also be infected with periodontal disease, which occurs as a result of not cleaning their teeth regularly and adequately leading to gum inflammation.

Are Singapura Cats High Maintenance?

Singapura Cats are not of high maintenance. You can maintain the cat’s hygiene yourself just by brushing its teeth regularly, trimming its nails regularly, wiping the corner of its eyes with a clean wet cloth to remove any discharge, and feeding it with the proper diet. Clean the two eyes with different clots, so you don’t mistakenly spread any germs or infections if there are any. Do not use cotton swabs on the ears. Clean with a wet cloth and warm water because cotton swabs can damage their ears. You may also use ear cleansers. Also, their litter box should always be clean. Singapura is most particular about their general health.

Also, you don’t need the fortune to get the space. They love to stay on the shelf, ledges, or anything high to survey their environment. Just get them a quiet, neat, and comfortable place to stay, and they are good to go.

Are Singapura Cats Sgressive?

When you treat a Singapura Cat nicely, it usually returns the favor. They are not known to be aggressive but soft. Even though they want to be included in everything they do, they make this known easily without any form of aggression. They usually get along well with members of the family. Usually, they pick someone as their favorite in the family and are always around such a person. They might be shy at first when introduced to new people, but with time, they blend in. Singapura Cats are nothing close to being aggressive. Though, it should be made known that Singapura Cats don’t do well with a loud noise. It is better to always rare them in a quiet place instead of a noisy environment.

You can rare them as indoor cats. Because whenever they hear noise or are bored, they tend to be very destructive. They might create a little mess for you if either of the two happens. So always keep them engaged and away from the noise.

What are Popular Mixed Breeds with Singapura Cats?

Many believe that Singapura Cats came into existence as a result of cross-breeding three cats. Those cats were Pusse, a young female, Ticle, a male kitten, and Tes, his female littermate. These three cats coming together produced the first Singapura Cat in 1980.

Are Singapura Cats Hypoallergenic?

Your Singapura Cats are not heavy shedders however if you suffer allergies, they can make it worse so they are not hypoallergenic.


How Much is a Singapura Cat?

The price of Singapura Cat kittens ranges between $1200 – $1600. Sometimes it can reach $3,000 depending on the breeder and gender of the kitten.

Are Singapura Cats Friendly?

Yes, they are friendly, sociable, and love cuddling too.

Do Singapura Cats Shed?

They shed very little and don’t require a lot of grooming.

How Long Do Singapura Cats Live?

The lifespan of Singapura Cats ranges between 11-15 years

How Big is a Singapura cat?

Singapura Cat male is heavier than female. The male weighs 6-8 lbs while the female weighs 4-6 lbs.

Though a rare breed, the Singapura cat is a very pleasant cat to rare. They are perfect for the household, smart, and can keep you entertained. They might be difficult to find, but considering their personalities, they are worth the search!

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