Meet The Breeds: Siberian Husky

Meet The Breeds: Siberian Husky

Sep 12, 2021
15 min


Famous for their thick coat and strong build, Siberian Huskies are among the most handsome breeds known. Their highly energetic nature makes them eager to run and play. These dogs must live with owners who can take care of their exercise needs due to their enthusiastic personalities. They make amazing companions and adorable friends of their owners. Huskies are proved to be friendly, gentle, and affectionate dogs if they are bred with love and care. Once trained and socialized, this breed gets along with other pet dogs and children pretty well.


Siberian Husky breed information

This medium-sized dog is very popular among dog enthusiasts due to its facial masks and multi-colored eyes. Numerous dog owners prefer getting a Siberian Husky, but they are not suitable for every family. This breed tends to act independently, which can be a challenge for novice owners. All in all, they are considered intelligent, healthy, and friendly breeds.


Here are some fun facts about Siberian Husky that you should know before adopting it:

  • Breed Group: working group
  • Height: Male 53-60 cm, Female 501-56 cm
  • Weight: Male 20-27 kg, Female 16-23 kg
  • Life span: 12-15 years
  • Coat: Medium length double coat
  • Color: Black, White, White & Black, White & Grey, White & Sable, White & Red, Silver-grey, and Black & Tan.
  • Temperament: Friendly, Intelligent, Alert, Outgoing, Gentle
  • Difficulty level for first-time owners: On a scale of 1-10 paws of increasing difficulty, Siberian Husky received 7/10 paws according to the testimony of Husky owners. According to the owners, Siberian Husky is not the right breed for novice owners. They are challenging, independent, and outgoing. They can only be trained by professionals or experienced trainers who know how to train an alpha. People with no prior experience are not recommended to adopt this breed as they tend to be quite destructive in some cases.


Are Huskies good dogs?

Many people ask “Are Siberian Husky good pets?” This breed was developed to be a pack dog. It always requires a leader who can handle all its needs. Due to Siberian Husky personality, these dogs are not very easy to train. Even though this breed will show an urge to take over the pack and become alpha, it will, eventually, respect and obey the master. When you come across the challenging time of training where a Siberian Husky refuses to listen to you, don’t be harsh on it. Assert your dominance by being consistent. Never try to bully your pet or harm it physically.


Besides, this breed is very charming and joyful. With proper training and early exposure to people and different places, they will develop a loving, social, and mischievous personality.



Are Huskies dangerous?

As adorable as they are, Siberian Huskies can be dangerous too. They are considered one of the highly dangerous breeds that tend to cause severe injury to people, including children. They are far more dangerous than you might imagine. There is numerous news about this breed attacking other animals and humans too. That’s why novice owners are highly discouraged from adopting a Husky. It should live with the owner who knows how to deal with it and maintain its physical health. With good training, the same breed can turn out to be extremely fun-loving and caring. They would show affection to their family, other pets, and even strangers.


Is a Husky a Wolf?

Husky is a dog breed. However, it is believed to be closely related to wolves due to the striking resemblance between the two animals. Sometimes, Huskies are crossed with Wolves that results in a wolf hybrid.


What are Huskies known for?

This breed is mainly known for its exceptional, wolf-like appearance, including the magical eyes and robust build. If trained properly, this breed makes an amazing working dog. They were bred to help their masters in hunting, but now they are sweet cuddle dogs as well.


What are the types of Siberian Husky?

This beautiful and energetic breed has many types. The Siberian Husky Club and the American Kennel Club recognize several types of this breed. Due to different coat types, people mistake Siberian Huskies with other breeds such as German shepherd, Alaskan malamute, etc. Here are some famous types of Siberian Husky:

  • Chinook
  • Samoyed
  • Alaskan Malamute (Alaskan Husky)
  • Sakhalin Husky
  • American Eskimo Dog
  • American Klee Kai
  • Labrador Husky


Are Siberian Husky HDB approved?

No, this breed is not HDB approved. It means that they are now not allowed to live in flats in Singapore due to their weight and tall height.


What health issues do Siberian Husky face?

Usually, they are a healthy breed. But some Siberian Huskies can develop certain diseases in their life. The most common health problems among this breed are mentioned below:


  • Siberian Husky puppies are at a high risk of developing cataracts. This disease has affected up to 10% of Siberian Husky dogs. It develops within 6 to 12 months. Cataracts can cause blindness to the puppies.
  • This breed is also prone to progressive retinal atrophy. PRA causes a dog’s retina to deteriorate and can result in blindness.
  • Another highly common disease among this breed is hip dysplasia. Due to abnormal development of the hip joint, the breed experiences severe pain and cannot move around freely.

These common health conditions can be taken care of by visiting the vet regularly. Taking care of exercise needs and giving the best nutritious food and supplements is also helpful to raise a healthy Husky.


Are Siberian Husky high maintenance?

Yes, Husky is a high-maintenance breed. Due to their exercise needs, they need daily physical activities. Their beautiful, healthy fur requires a lot of regular grooming. Due to their independent nature, Siberian Husky trainability can be challenging as well.


Do Siberian Husky bark a lot?

No, Husky does not bark. However, this breed enjoys howling, which might be slightly rowdy for you or your neighbors.


Are Siberian Husky aggressive?

Generally, if a Husky is bred with love and care, it won’t show any aggression. This breed is not aggressive towards strangers and animals either. You will find them a loyal and affectionate pet.



What are popular mixed breeds with Siberian Husky?

Their handsome appearance makes them a suitable candidate for crossbreeding. It is no surprise that Siberian husky crosses with many other breeds to create other beautiful crosses.

Here are some famous crossbreeds of Siberian husky dogs:


  • Alusky: Alaskan Malamute/ Siberian Husky
  • Gerberian Shepsky: German Shepherd/ Siberian Husky
  • Goberian: Golden Retriever/ Siberian Husky
  • Horgi: Corgi/Husky
  • Pitsky: Pitbull Terrier/ Husky

Are Siberian Husky hypoallergenic?

No, this breed is not hypoallergenic.


Siberian husky is a great breed to raise, but it comes with some challenges. They are usually very sweet and caring in nature, but they can be destructive and harmful in some cases. Their training, exercise, and socializing are extremely important. If you think you can handle all such challenges and give them the best lifestyle, this breed can be your right choice.