Meet The Breeds: Schnauzer

Meet The Breeds: Schnauzer

Sep 20, 2021
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Dogs are one of the friendliest pets to humans. If a hundred people were gathered, 90 of them have dogs as their pets, and it’s also certain that most of them have the Schnauzer breed. Schnauzer is a German term for snout or moustache. These dogs are known for their vividly hairy beards and long feathery eyebrows. They usually have three colors salt and pepper, black and silver, and solid black color. They can be trained for whatever purpose that suits the owner. Schnauzer was initially bred as guard dogs.

They can also serve as a family friend due to their protective nature and companionship. Exercise and play are an essential part of Schnauzer because if not, they will develop bad behaviors such as chewing and digging unnecessarily. Regarding the difficulty level for first-time owners, Schnauzers are good dogs for novice owners and Schnauzer trainability is easy. Continue reading to know more about Schnauzer breed information.




What are the types of Schnauzer?

Schnauzer dogs have different breeds that perform different functions. So before getting a Schnauzer dog, you should be able to analyze why you need the dog to know which one to go for. This is because these dogs have similarities and distinctiveness that cannot be overlooked. Here are some details about the three types of Schnauzer to answer people who as “What are the differences between miniature and standard Schnauzers?”


1.  Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature is smaller than the other Schnauzer breeds. Schnauzer usually weighs between 11-20 pounds and 13-14 inches tall. They usually have uncropped ears. This breed barks more than other breeds. They familiarize themselves quickly with the family and other animals around. They are great as watchdogs because they adapt quickly to every environment and are easily trained. They feed on both homemade meals and dog food. Clean and fresh water is also essential to their health.

Note that they need to be fed adequately when going through the training stage, but that doesn’t mean they should be overfed. This breed has two layers of hair that should be taken care of properly. The wiry topcoat, with a soft undercoat, is meant to be combed and cleaned at all times. You either trim their hair yourself or take it to a professional, and this should be done every 4 to 6 weeks so that the dog can look good and presentable always. The hygiene of this breed is very important. They should have their bath twice a month, nails trimmed, teeth brushed, and ears waxed properly.


2. Standard Schnauzer

The standard schnauzer is a bigger version of the miniature breed. It weighs between 30-50 pounds and 17.5-19.5 inches tall. They are also adorable animals to keep, and they don’t bark like the miniature breed. It’s an excellent guard dog and was originally used for hunting vermin.


3. Giant Schnauzer

This is just like the standard Schnauzer. They are just bigger than the latter. They weigh 55-80 pounds. They have two hair layers, a soft undercoat, and a harsh outer coat. These hair layers should be properly maintained and cleaned. The proper hygiene of this breed is very important. The dog is also easy to train and very friendly with humans.


Are Schnauzer good pets?

Schnauzers are generally good pets. They are the best companion and friends the owner can have. As much as they can serve as watchdogs, Schnauzers tend to be clingy and protective of their owners. Though they can be mean or hostile to visitors or strangers who visit your home, they become familiar with them after countless visits and familiarization.


Are Schnauzer HDB approved?

Of all the different breeds of schnauzer, only the miniature Schnauzer is approved by the Housing and Development Board (HDB).




What health issues do Schnauzer face?

Like other dogs, Schnauzers are also prone to some health issues naturally or if not adequately taken care of. These health issues specifically related to the breed of the animal. The general health issues they might encounter include dental issues, allergies, poisons and burns, infected anal sacs, ear infection, cancer, cataracts, entropion, glaucoma, etc. These health issues can make them have a foul odor. Their specific health issues include:


  • The miniature breed can face cataracts, Entropion, pancreatitis, and urinary stones.
  • The standard breed is prone to skin inflammation and irritation around their hair follicles. They can also contact the hip dysplasia disease.
  • The third breed always encounters health issues related to their size and breed know as gastric torsion. Like the standard schnauzer, the giant Schnauzer is also prone to hip dysplasia.


Are Schnauzer high maintenance?

They cannot be referred to as high maintenance dogs. This is because they are not picky with foods and can even be fed with human foods. Do not overfeed them to avoid them being overweight. The cost of maintaining them to be healthy is very low. Personally, owners can see to the dog’s hygiene themselves without taking it to a professional. It is only on rare occasions like health issues that they should be taken to the veterinary. They can also be trained personally. However, in terms of grooming, they considered high maintenance.


Do Schnauzer bark a lot?

Only the miniature schnauzers are mostly known for excessive, constant, and loud barking. Other breeds don’t bark like them. Miniature schnauzer’s barking is always triggered by one thing or the other. But not to worry, the miniature barking can be taken care of through proper dog training. You can train them on how long they can bark or when to stop barking when you give them command.


Are Schnauzer aggressive?

Generally, standard and giant schnauzers are not aggressive towards humans and other animals. It is only the miniature schnauzer that can be a bit aggressive even though they can be friendly and alert always. They love to get all the attention available, so when they don’t get the attention needed or are not engaged in an activity or the other, they can be aggressive. All schnauzers are very relatable, well-behaved, and sociable. You may get them toys to play with. This aids their ability to socialize well.


What are popular mixed breeds with Schnauzer?

The Schnauzers can be bred with other dogs to give a fantastic result. Here is a list of few popular mixed breeds with Schnauzer.


  • Border Schnollie: Border Collie x Schnauzer
  • Bowzer: Basset Hound x Schnauzer
  • Chonzer: Bichon Frise x Schnauzer
  • Eskimo Schnauzer: Schnauzer x American Eskimo Dog
  • German Shepherd x Schnauzer Mix
  • Miniboz: Schnauzer x Boston Terrier
  • Wowauzer: Welsh Terrier and Schnauzer
  • Schpit: Pitbull x Schnauzer
  • Schnug: Schnauzer x Pug
  • Schnoodle: Schnauzer x Poodle Mix



Are Schnauzer hypoallergenic?

In case you’ve been searching for a dog that doesn’t shred or drool, then schnauzer is the best for you. They are hypoallergenic.


Are Schnauzers guard dogs?

Yes, the three breeds of schnauzer are good guard dogs because Schnauzer personality is characterized by intelligence and energy.


Do Schnauzers sleep a lot?

The sleep duration of the schnauzer may vary depending on age, size, activity level, and overall health. On average, Schnauzers sleep between 12 -16 hours per day. Schnauzer puppies can sleep up to 20 hours daily.


Are Schnauzers good family dogs?

Yes, they are amazing family dogs that are bred to be with humans. Some Fun facts about Schnauzer are; they are very loyal, and sincere family members.


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