Meet The Breeds: Corgi

Meet The Breeds: Corgi

Sep 12, 2021
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Corgi, also referred to as “Dwarf Dog” is a famous cattle herding dog breed originated in Pembrokeshire, Whales. Corgi dogs are believed to be among the littlest of cattle herding breeds out there. The Corgi is a famous breed among dogs because they were personally preferred by Queen Elizabeth II herself. She owned more than 30 of the dogs from this breed during her reign. Overall, the corgi personality is the center of attention for the British royal families for the past 70 years. Aside from being famous in British royal families, these dogs are very popular within the U.S too. Many big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston hold annual Meetups where hundreds of Corgi dogs participate with their owners to spend the day with their fellow dogs. As far as the Breed ranking and popularity is concerned, Corgis were ranked 13th hottest dog breed in 2018.



Corgi Dog History

According to legend, the Welsh corgis were delivered to Cardiganshire, Whales in around 1200 BCE by a warrior tribe of Celts which indicates that corgis have been in Whales for over 3000 years and this considered one of the fun facts about Corgi. This breed is a descent from Northern spitz-type dogs like Siberian Huskey.

Corgis first appeared in Britain in 1925 when Pembroke and cardigans appeared together under the principles of the kennel club. After their appearance, the official Corgi club was founded in December 1925 in Carmarthenshire. Both, Pembroke and Cardigans were officially recognized by the kennel group in 1928 and were categorized together under the only breed referred to as Welsh Corgi. Since then, their popularity is increasing day by day and in 2018, the American kennel club ranked the Welsh corgis 13th best breed across all the breeds.



Corgi Dog Breed Information and Facts

Being no more than 25-30cm height, the name “Dwarf dog” perfectly suites Corgi personality. Welsh Corgi is a breed descent from northern spitz-type dogs, distinct and separate breed from the cardigan. Corgi is the smallest herding dog in the herding line-up and is a perfect pet for you to add fun to your life.

  • Breed Group: Cattle herding group
  • Height: 25-30 cm, both male and female Corgi shares almost an equivalent height
  • Weight: 11-14 kg for male and 11-13 kg for female dogs
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Coat: Double-coat, with a thick undercoat and a longer topcoat
  • Colour: Fawn, sable, red, blue, black & white, black & tan
  • Difficulty level for first-time owners: On a scale of 1-10 paws, corgi received 6/10 due to their independent behaviour. Corgis are a real challenge for first time owners and requires confidence and calmness to achieve the goal.



What are the types of Corgi?

Welsh Corgis are beautiful little creatures that everyone loves. Corgis are known as “cattle herding breed” and are famous for what they do. They consist of two types Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgi with having a slight difference between them. The Cardigan Corgi weighs are a bit more than Pembroke and is a bit taller than Pembroke Corgis too.



Are Corgi Good Pets?

Corgis are obedient dogs and they perform well in obedience training. Corgi puppies can be trained and taught to drop off some of their herding habits such as barking, chasing other animals, and nipping at heels. Welsh corgis are loyal and friendly pets and can make your daily life a roller coaster ride of enjoyment and laughter thanks to their friendly temperament. Their temperament is an important factor that makes them a perfect candidate to be your pet.



Are Corgis Aggressive?

Since Corgis are from cattle-herding family, aggressiveness is in their blood. They can be bossy, stubborn, and feisty at the same time. So, if you are thinking about having a Corgi as your pet then it is suggested to adopt Corgi puppies and train them according to your will. Corgis trainability has amazing results regarding obedience training, so all of their temperament and aggression problems can be eliminated with proper training.

Starting your corgi’s training from a young age can go a long way. Check out these Training and Behavior products that can make a difference!



Do Corgis Bark A Lot?

Corgis are among the dog breeds that bark a lot. These dogs can spend their whole day barking at different things or just for fun. Since they belong to the herding family so barking is normal for them. So, if you are close to own a Corgi then it is suggested to spend some time in the company of someone who has a dog who has barking tendencies to check if you can handle the barking or not.

However, if you are really into Corgis, then you can attempt to train them to drop their barking habit. With proper training, bad habits such as biting, barking, and chasing other animals can be eliminated. Stay confident and patient during the training and then you can successfully achieve your goals.



Are Corgis HDB Approved?

Corgis are beautiful little creatures that you can adopt and train according to your desire. These tiny dogs can fill your life with fun and enjoyment. But due to Singapore regulations reasons, they are not suitable for being a pet. Corgis are one of those dogs that could be challenging to manage and also, they shed a lot. They can fill your carpet, bed, sofa, or any comfortable space where they sit with fur which does not feel relaxing. Due to some of these factors, Corgis are not HDB approved.



What Health Issues Do Corgis face?

Despite their cuteness, Corgi’s compact stature can lead them to many physical problems throughout their life span which if not treated can cost them their life.

  • As a puppy, Corgis can develop Hip Dysplasia at the younger age of around 4 months due to their dwarfism. This disease causes their thigh bone to not sit properly in their hip bone which limits their physical activity and makes them slow. So, if you ever notice any laziness in your Corgi’s movement then you should consult your vet for tests and treatment.
  • As an adult, these dogs can face PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). This is an eye disease that can be found in Corgis. This is a slow degeneration for their eyes because this disease degrades their vision over time. Some early symptoms include


    • Difficulty seeing in the dark
    • Pupils looking more dilated than normal
    • Reflective eyes when light shines on them

So, if you ever notice your dog bumping into things in a dark room or with shiny eyes then it is suggested to visit your vet for consultancy.

  • Being a senior, Corgis can face many diseases such as back problems/IVDD. Spinal issues in senior Corgis are very high due to their short legs and long body. Due to these problems, senior corgis require regular treatment and a lot of care to get through their difficult days.



Are Corgis High Maintenance?

Both Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis are healthy dogs with an average life span of 12-15 years. Both of these Corgis do not require high maintenance as far as their grooming is concerned. But they have a double coat of fur consisting of a dense undercoat and harsher outer coat and they also shed. So, for maintenance, they need bathing as often as any low maintenance dog and the occasional brushing. To assist with this, check out these grooming tools for your Corgi! This is a healthy breed and the only thing that needs to be maintained is their weight. They should never become overweight because this can cost them their life. Apart from overweight, they are perfect dogs with low maintenance requirements.