Meet The Breeds: Cocker Spaniel

Meet The Breeds: Cocker Spaniel

Sep 12, 2021
15 min

Cocker spaniel are cheerful dogs, very devoted, and can live with a happy family. They are energetic, intelligent, and very calm. They are beloved companions to individuals or families who would love to keep them as pets.

Cocker spaniel originated from the spaniel family, a larger group of hunting dogs in Spain. They were bred to serve as companions and assist in hunting birds and waterfowls. Between the late 1930s and 1950s, Cocker spaniel was ranked the first bred registered with AKC. Even though their popularity declined for about 30 years, they came up the chart in the 1980s

Now, the cocker spaniel is among the top 15 registered breeds. Cocker spaniel is popularly known as a well-bred dog with the pleasure of his own. The fun facts about Cocker spaniel are being adorable, loving, calm, gentle, and affectionate.



What are the types of Cocker Spaniel?

There are various types of Cocker Spaniel in Asia, Europe, and worldwide. AKC recognizes few among the Spaniels type of breeds. These include:


American water spaniel

The American water spaniel is an upbeat athlete; it can hunt and swim. It is friendly, charming, and playful. However, it can exhibit its stubborn character sometimes.


Boykin Spaniel

They are of medium size and a retriever dog. It is popularly known for its rich brown coat. Boykin spaniel is a happy dog and easy to train.



Britany is a very agile, strong, and versatile dog


Cavalier King Charles spaniel

They are connected to the British breed history. They love being athletic, which is why interactive ball toys like Kong Rewards Tennis Dog Toy is the perfect outlet for them.


Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniel is one of the most loved spaniel breeds in the world. They have dreamy eyes and are very naughty. They were initially bred for hunting, but they later became famous as an all-around companion.


English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker is a merry breed dog. As a silky-coated bird dog, it is loved for its personality. The English Cocker Spaniel personality is delightful, and it has a charming look.


English Springer Spaniel

English springer spaniel is cute looking, loveable, energetic, and intelligent. Sport hunters love the English Springer Spaniel for its duality. During the week, it is cute-looking and mannerly. On weekends, you can take it hunting.




Are Cocker Spaniel good pets?

Yes, a Cocker Spaniel can make a good pet for families, especially if they have been trained to socialize as a puppy. Cocker Spaniel puppies are easy to train. They are equally sensitive and need you to treat them gently.

Cocker spaniel can also make good pets for children. They are devoted, gentle, loving, and happy. However, you must be careful with them because of their temperament.




Are Cocker Spaniel HDB approved?

Dog owners must ensure that the housing development board (HDB) approves their dog breeds before keeping them in the house as pets. Cocker Spaniel is yet to be listed among the HDB list of approved dogs.



What health issue do Cocker Spaniel face?


Eye problem

Cocker Spaniels often have eye problems due to hereditary from the parent. Once they start feeling the symptoms, it could lead to blindness if it is not well treated. To maintain good eye care, use Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid for Dogs.



This is a malfunction in the thyroid gland. It can cause epilepsy, obesity, lethargy, hair loss, and other skin infections in the cocker spaniel.


Autoimmune hemolytic anemia

It occurs in the Cocker Spaniel when there is a defect in the immune system that makes it attacks the blood cells. The common symptoms include; jaundice, fatigue, or pale gums.



Cocker Spaniels do have allergies. It can be allergies to food, contact allergies, or inhalant allergies.

  • Food allergies occur when the dog’s system negatively reacts to a particular food.
  • Contact allergies are a reaction of the dog to chemical substances, e.g., shampoo or any other chemical. This could lead to bleeding.
  • Inhalant allergies occur as a reaction to dust, pollen, or mildew. The good thing about allergy is that there are various treatment methods for it.


Hip dysplasia

This is a disorder in the formation of hip sockets, and if not adequately taken care of, it could result in lameness.



Are Cocker Spaniel high maintenance?

Yes, cocker spaniels require high maintenance budget. To keep Cocker Spaniel puppies, provide them with a high level of maintenance. They are usually very hairy, and their hair is very thick, and it needs regular grooming.

Consistent grooming is essential to prevent their fur from falling all around the house. You can do the fur trimming at home to save costs if you have the tools and skills. PPP Ear Cleaner with Eucalyptol for Pets is recommended for ear odor issues and debris removal.



Do Cocker Spaniel bark a lot?

Cocker Spaniels are naturally vocal and highly protective. It is common for them to bark, and most often, they have reasons for barking. Their barking can be a result of command or situations.

Sometimes, they also bark to seek attention and to communicate feelings, loneliness, or hunger—the extent to which your Cocker Spaniel barks depends on the training you give them since puppyhood.




Are Cocker Spaniel aggressive?

Cocker spaniel is listed among the most aggressive type of dogs. The common cause of aggressiveness depends solely on the dog’s temperament, lack of socialization of the dog, or discomfort.

The most expedient mode of preventing aggression is to ensure the dog socializes during the early stage of puppyhood between 6th-20th weeks old. This can help the dog to be calm, friendly, cheerful, and less aggressive to people.



What are popular mixed breeds with Cocker Spaniel?

Cockapoo– Cocker Spaniel × Poodle

Docker– Dachshund × Cocker Spaniel

Golden cocker retriever– Golden retriever × Cocker Spaniel

Bocker– Beagle × Cocker Spaniel

Spanador– Cocker spaniel × Labrador retriever

Chi-spaniel – Chihuahua × Cocker Spaniel



Are Cocker Spaniel hypoallergenic?

No, Cocker Spaniels are not completely hypoallergenic breeds. They have double coats, and they shed moderately. They also have shedding seasons that they shed more often than normal.



Are Cocker Spaniels a good family dog?

Yes, Cocker Spaniels are among the good family dog breeds, they are loving, friendly, outgoing, and good with children and other pets as well.


Do Cocker Spaniels shed a lot?

Cocker Spaniels shed a lot that is why they are considered high maintenance dogs.


Why do Cocker Spaniels smell?

Cocker Spaniels smell because of their heavy sebaceous gland’s secretions in addition to other conditions such as infections, ear wax, and bad breath.


Are Cocker Spaniels hunting dogs?

Cocker Spaniels are bred to be hunting dogs as they are energetic and intelligent. Also, they are loving and charming that makes them good hunting companions.


Cocker Spaniels are adorable dogs, always happy, and learn fast to suit their owners. Cocker Spaniel trainability is easy and they quickly adjust to any environment they find themselves in. They are super strong and energetic. They love swimming and can perform different kinds of athletes.

Cocker Spaniel does not like to stay lonely; they are very outgoing and friendly. These are more reasons why you should choose them as your family pets.


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