Meet the breeds: Bengal Cats

Meet the breeds: Bengal Cats

Sep 24, 2021
13 min

If you like cats that have an exotic look, the Bengal cat is indeed a brilliant choice. Known for their high IQ and unique appearance, Bengal cats are hypoallergenic as well.

Additionally, their temperament is generally calm and composed. Bengal cats are truly great pets to have due to their epic compatibility with kids.

Bengals are not very fond of changes so we wouldn’t recommend you to instigate any sudden changes in their environment. For example, if you bring another pet into the equation, the Bengal you already have would get extremely aggressive. Thus, it would be wise to have a pair of Bengals from the beginning or at least another breed of cat but with minimal change.


Where did Bengal Cats come from?

It is a known fact that Bengals are quite rare compared to other domesticated breeds. Descendants of the Asian leopard cat, Bengals are quite common in the Asian and Pacific regions. They are hybrid cats that are a mixture of common domestic breeds and the Asian leopard cat. Usually, breeders use the typical Egyptian Mau to breed this peculiar feline companion.

The first Bengal cat was bred in the 1970s. It just so happened that professional breeder Jean Sugden Mill bred the Asian leopard cat hybrids with other domestic cat breeds. Moreover, he observed that the resulting cat had a very unique skin and moved about quite intelligently, even in the early stages. Hence, he concluded that Bengal cats are extremely intelligent creatures that can easily fight for their survival.

These cats are quite different from the common domestic breeds that we see every day.


Can Bengal cats swim?

Unlike other cats, Bengal cats are amazing swimmers who are always eager to step inside water. Their long body and strong limbs makes it easier for them to move in an aquatic environment.


Do Bengal cats shed?

Due to their spotted and marble coats, Bengal cats shed much less than other breeds such as the Persian.


How to groom Bengal cats?

Additionally, it is quite simple to maintain their fur on a daily basis. One can just comb it maybe once or twice a day and keep it well-groomed. Obviously, occasional trimming might be required.


Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic?

Since they have short fur and fine coats, these cats are hypoallergenic in nature. This makes it a very favorable breed for many people. If you have an allergic reaction to other breeds like the Persian or the Egyptian Mau, you will be absolutely fine with the Bengal.


Are Bengal cats good with children and other pets?

If raised in an ideal environment, Bengals are extremely loving creatures. They are great for families with kids and other pets. Bengals are sociable with other cat breeds as well. However, Bengal cats need to start socializing when they are young.


Are Bengal cats fierce like their predecessors?

Bengal cats are usually loving and friendly, but may become aggressive and fierce if threatened. Since they are descendants of a wild cat, it is in their nature to be territorial.


Are Bengal cats high maintenance?

Bengal cats require constant activity and attention from their owners. In fact, Bengal cats are extremely active creatures that would always fancy a walk. You can even purchase mini obstacle sets or climbers to keep them engaged during the day. Many pet owners have said that their Bengal cats possess more dog qualities than other breeds.


Are Bengal cats smart?

They are very clever creatures who can easily fool other animals. Sometimes, they even manage to fool the owners by learning various tricks. Due to this inherent intelligence, many Bengal cats learn to execute human-like behavior like opening doors.


Are Bengal cats noisy?

Since Bengals require constant care and attention, they can be quite noisy. They are vocal animals that always have a say in something. Their meows sound more human-like as if they are speaking. Sometimes, these cats chirp too in a noisy manner.


How to care for Bengal cats?

Building cat trees in your house would be extremely beneficial for them since they love to scale different objects. You can also teach them tricks to keep them active and lively.

You must give them enough attention as they require it constantly.

One must close windows at all times since Bengals tend to stay near windows to hunt birds. Keeping windows open could lead to some serious accidents.

Purchase an ample amount of toys for these active creatures to play with.


Why are Bengal cats so expensive?

Bengal cats cost around $2000-$5000 in Singapore. They can generally be purchased from breeders and adoption agencies. However, purebred Bengals are rare and cost a lot of money. Since they are exotic cats that are extremely rare compared to other common domestic breeds. Furthermore, the color of their coats paired with their unique behavior plays into the costing factor.

Since even taking care of these creatures requires more effort, breeders charge more for their sales.


Is it legal to keep a Bengal cat in Singapore?

Yes, Bengal cats are legal in Singapore but the law states that only Bengal cats from the fifth-generation onwards are allowed.


Are Bengal cats suitable for Singapore?

Since they prefer hot weather, they are brilliant pets to have in a country like Singapore, where it’s usually sunny.


Are Bengal cats HDB approved?

No. Unfortunately, cats, including Bengal cats, are not HDB approved.


What are some common health problems of Bengal cats?

Bengal cats face several ailments like Lymphosarcoma, Chronic renal failure, upset stomach, pancreatitis, feline lower urinary tract disease, and hip dysplasia.


How to prevent these health issues?

To prevent these problems, some dietary supplements paired with ample exercise are crucial. You should consult a vet for the proper diet requirements and know which supplements are safe for them.

Apart from that, you must always ensure that their lifestyle is active. Purchase different toys, build cat trees and take them for walks daily. Moreover, you can also purchase scratchers that keep them occupied for a while. These shall truly contribute to their overall wellbeing and health.

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