List Of Pet Cremation Services In Singapore

List Of Pet Cremation Services In Singapore

Sep 21, 2021
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The inevitable loss of a family pet is a time of great sadness for all. We all know it’s coming, but most of us can’t bear to think of when that day will come. The majority of pet owners treat their four-legged companions as members of the family- they are our source of comfort and joy.


And just as our pets have given us so much during their brief time on earth, it is only natural for us to want the best when sending them off as they cross the rainbow bridge. But more than giving them a beautiful send off, a pet cremation ceremony is a time for the family to reflect on the life of your pet. It gives the family a time and space to mourn, helping to bring closure to your pet’s life.


Types Of Pet Cremation

Individual Cremation

It is also referred to as priority cremation, where only one pet is cremated at a time.


Private Cremation

A maximum of four pets are cremated at the same time. However, the pets are separated from each other to ensure that the ashes don’t mix.


Communal Cremation

As the name suggests, communal cremation is when a group of pets are cremated together. Their ashes are not returned to the owner, but are either taken to a local landfill or scattered over a private pet cemetery.


Pet Cremation Services In Singapore

When you cremate your pet in Singapore, the ashes are usually kept in a special sealed plastic bag which is then placed in an urn and handed to you. The price of cremation depends on several factors: size of your pet, type of pet cremation, and type of memorial service.



1. Pet Cremation Singapore

Pet Cremation Singapore has been highly recommend for their dedication and professional service that treats every client with care and respect. The certified and fully-licensed company aims to provide the utmost care and support for both you and your pet. Private or communal cremation is offered here, and a video of the process is provided upon request should you want to have it.

Contact: +65 86168818

Website: Pet Cremation Singapore



2. Mount Pleasant Pet Cremation Centre

Introduced in 1987, Mount Pleasant Pet Cremation Centre is the oldest pet cremation company in Singapore. The 24-hour service is recognised and approved by NEA, with prices ranging from $20 for small animals such as rabbits and birds to $800 for pets weighing up to 100kg. Next to the cremation centre is the Mount Pleasant Pet Columbarium, which you have the option of choosing as your pet’s final resting place.

Contact: +65 62508333

Website: Mount Pleasant Pet Cremation Centre



3. Mobile Pet Cremation Services

Mobile Pet Cremation Services offers common cremation and private cremation services for all pets – even hamsters and fishes. Their unique service includes collecting your pet from home and returning its ashes to your house at no additional cost. Each cremation typical takes 3 to 5 hours. They also have their own pet columbarium where you may choose to house your pet’s remains. Owners who are ready to let go of their pet’s ashes can also ask for their sea scatter services at no additional cost.

Contact: +65 94556355

Website: Mobile Pet Cremation Services Singapore



4. Express Pet Cremation

As the name suggests, Express Pet Cremation offers immediate cremation services, complete with a complimentary limousine pick-up service upon request. This process usually takes about 3 hours before the ashes are returned in an urn. Alternatively, their 24 Hours Cremation service includes picking up your pet and returning its ashes within 24 hours. You can even personalise your pet’s urn with a picture to remember your pet by on the cover. If you would like to house your pet’s remains with them, they have two columbaria in Singapore, one located in Pasir Ris Farmway, the other in Ubi.

Contact: +65 65844844

Website: Express Pet Cremation