List of Jobs For Dogs in Singapore

List of Jobs For Dogs in Singapore

Sep 21, 2021
4 min

With so much time on hand, it’s time our doggo should put their pawsome skills into good use. Not only can your dog help others, but it might also even help keep its mind active and acts as a bonding time.

Therapy Dogs

Is your dog a human lover? If that’s a yes, this job is pawfect for your dog. This job includes interacting and lending support to the less fortunate. There are many therapy dog organizations that offer dog therapy sessions to hospitals, retirement and nursing home. By allowing your dog to be a therapy dog, it provides a chance for you and your furkid to contribute back to society! Find out how to be a therapy dog in Singapore!

Guide Dogs

A guide dog is one occupation you should raise awareness on, as not many know about this pawsome job. A guide dog is trained since young to aid people with vision loss. Guide dogs help the blind build self-confidence, which allows them to travel around Singapore independently. These dogs have to fulfil stringent requirements before committing to a guide dog handler for eight to 10 years if conditions permit.

Actor dogs

Want your doggo to be famous on screen and hang out with celebrities? Look out for casting calls from production assistants through agencies, facebook casting group etc. Of course, your dog will need to be gentle and deal with the on set demands and stress. Don’t forget the long filming hours your dog needs to stay awake for!

Instagram Influencer

This is one of the easiest jobs for your dog if it is photogenic and smiley by itself. Of course, the human slave will need to invest in a camera and time to take several pictures. If you don’t already know, snapping a instagrammable photo of your dog is as difficult as getting a picky dog to eat!