List of Dog Shelters in Singapore

List of Dog Shelters in Singapore

Sep 21, 2021
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Animals have rights to a safe and normal life. These non-government organizations help care for sick, abandoned and injured animals, provide shelter for them and aim to find a loving home for them. Here’s the list of dog shelters in Singapore. You can join volunteer programs or donate to help these animal rescue organizations and animal shelters. You can adopt a pet as well! There are lots of joys of having a pet, including ease your loneliness, reduce stress and encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

1. Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)

Founded in December 2000, ASD is a non-profit society with the mission to promote the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore.

Address: 80 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1, Singapore 718911

2. Animal Lovers League (ALL)

ALL is a registered, no-kill animal shelter with the mission encourage the public to adopt instead of buying. It is a home to to about 700 dogs and cats.

Address: 59 Sungei Tengah Rd, Block Q 01-29, Singapore 699014

Contact: Homepage / Facebook / Email

3. Causes for Animals

Cause for Animals has an ultimate aim to build a stray free country. They strive to promote community responsibility and work with Government organizations to develop more humane effective solutions for ethical management of strays in Singapore.

Address: 59 Sungei Tengah Road, Unit 02-51 Block 5, The Animal Lodge, S699014

Contact: Homepage / Facebook / Email

4. Exclusively Mongrels Limited

Class has nothing to do with the breed! Founded in year 2012, Exclusively Mongrels Limited is a non-profit organization with mission to support and promote mongrel welfare. The founders are non-pedigree dog owners who appreciate the uniqueness of their own types of dogs and recognized they are something to be proud of.

Contact: Facebook / Email

5. HOPE Dog Rescue

HOPE is a non-profit volunteer organisation, devoted to the rescue and rehoming of abused, abandoned and neglected dogs until they can find fur-ever homes.

Contact: Homepage / Facebook / Email

6. Noah’s Ark Cares (NA CARES)

Registered in 2005, . Noah’s Ark Cares is run by a team of dedicated volunteers and vets that undertake sterilization projects of both stray animals in Singapore. The dedicated has sterilized an average of 150 dogs and cats each year.

Contact: Homepage / Facebook / Email

7. Purely Adoptions

Founded in 2009, Purely Adoptions aims to help to rehome stray animals, family pets and assist individual rescuers and stray feeders.

Contact: Homepage / Facebook / Email

8. Save our Street Dogs (SOSD)

SOSD comprises of a team of rescuers who share the common passion in animal welfare. and conviction to be part of a unified voice, They strive to the welfare of the street dogs in Singapore.

Address: 59 Sungei Tengah Rd, #01-41, Singapore 699014

Contact: Homepage / Facebook / Email

9. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

Formely known as RSPCA, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a registered animal welfare charity with IPC status. The organization aims to promote civil society with the help of volunteer-members by preventing cruelty to animals and speaking up for better treatment of animals, and acting as an animal rights advocate.

Address: 50 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699012

Contact: Homepage / Facebook / Email

10. Gentle Paws

Founded in 2010, Gentle Paws is a privately run shelter for strays and home to over 40 dogs.

Contact: Homepage / Facebook / Email

11. Joyous bArk

Joyous Bark is a dog shelter with a mission to rescue, rehab and rehome Singapore Specials. This dog welfare organization are constantly looking out for more volunteers who are willing to foster.

Contact: Facebook

12. Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS)

Established in 2006, Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter Ltd (OSCAS) is a registered non-profit organization devoted to caring for a hundred rescued strays.

59 Sungei Tengah Road Block R, #01-33, The Animal Lodge, 699014

Contact: Homepage / Facebook / Email

13. Voice For Animals (VFA)

Voice For Animals (VFA) is no-kill charity founded in 1987 and headquartered in York, Maine. The dedicated team believes that all animals matter and deserve compassion. Their missions are to eliminate animal suffering and overpopulation, to educate the public, and to promote animal welfare.

Address: No 11, Pasir Ris Farmway 2

Contact: Facebook / Email

14. Uncle Khoe’s K9

The founder, Uncle Khoe has been feeding street dogs for more than 20 years. In September 2012, Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter was officially established. Their main objective is to continue helping as many stray animals as they can

Contact: Homepage / Facebook

15. Mdm Wong’s Shelter and Friends

Madam Wong’s shelter is a sanctuary for unwanted dogs and cats. Madam Wong and her team aims to provide care, compassion and hope to the strays. And of course, they want to give all animals a chance for leading loved lives as well.

Address: 18 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Block 14

Contact: Facebook / Email

16. MercyLight Adoption

Established in 2009, MercyLight Adoption, a non-profit animal welfare organization, aims to help the stray animals as many as they can. They started as a handful of volunteers who feed stray dogs regularly in the eastern side of Singapore.

Contact: Homepage/ Facebook / Email

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