List Of Cat Cafes In Singapore

List Of Cat Cafes In Singapore

Sep 4, 2021
12 min

Keeping a pet in Singapore can be a rather stressful venture, especially since the city is a busy one full of people with busy schedules, and very few places to relax and enjoy a few moments with your pets.

Cat lovers in Singapore can rejoice, though: there are cat cafes available in Singapore, springing up here and there for the purpose of providing a place for cat lovers to relax and enjoy themselves. Below is a list of cat cafes in Singapore that probably cater more to the cats than to their owners. You are free to go there all you want, just to pet the cats and feed them, play with them, or simply watch them while sipping on a hot beverage.

It should be noted that most of the cafes listed down here are a better option for cat lovers who do not actually own cats but would like to play with cats and be around them. The cafes already have their own cats, so they discourage customers from bringing their own cats in.

List of Cat Cafes in Singapore

Cat cafes are, first and foremost, cafes that have cats: this means that you shouldn’t expect highly-rated food and drink. The essence of these cat cafes is that they are beautiful places that have provided homes for stray cats and rescued cats, and they want other people to go and visit and enjoy these cats as much as they do. Also, note that these cafes have different age restrictions and prices per hour. Children under 12 or 14 must be supervised by adults in the cat cafes, and children under the ages of 4 to 7 aren’t allowed.

Neko No Niwa

Neko No Niwa is the original cat café in Singapore, the first of its kind. Started in 2013, this charming shop-house is located in Boat Quay and is the proud owner of a clowder of 13 kittens, rescued by Sam and Sue Lynn, the owners of Neko No Niwa. Neko No Niwa means ‘Cat Garden’ in Japanese, and cat lovers will get to see and play with different cat breeds at the café. The cat café allows cat lovers without cats of their own to come in and play with the café’s private litter, and also enjoy coffee, fruit smoothies, cakes, and ice-cream sandwiches made by The Ice Cream Cookie & Co. The café also holds yoga sessions for cats, and children have to be 7 years and older before they can go to Neko No Niwa, and should be supervised while they are there with the cats. Also, there is a free hot chocolate beverage for students (as long as they show their student ID cards).

Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa

54A Boat Quay Level 2, Singapore 049843

+65 6536 5319



Meomi Cat Café is one of the most recent cat hangouts to appear in Singapore, and it is located in the Kampong Glam area, right beside Hajj Lane. Meomi Cat Café is a small place, but it is very welcoming and comfortable, with cosy seats and paraphernalia dedicated to all things cat to keep patrons entertained for hours. The cat paraphernalia includes badges, mugs, and stickers. Meomi also has its own private cat collection, consisting of unique breeds of cats. Children allowed here have to be 4 years old before they can get in, and they will have to be supervised.

668 North Bridge Road, Singapore
+65 6296 0339

The Company of Cats

The Company of Cats is a café located in the Chinatown area. The 11 cats that ‘work’ there each have a job title in the café, such as Elliot, the resident kitty Casanova, and there is even a Meowketing Director and Business Development Meownager. This cat café is homey with clever themes and serves a variety of meals and beverages that are bound to fill your heart and soul with warmth and gladness. Children are allowed in The Company of Cats, but they have to be 7 years old and be supervised while in the café.

The Company of Cats

6B Mosque Street, Singapore 059486

+65 6220 3835


The Cat Café

While the other cafes on our list so far charge customers by the hour, the Cat Café charges a flat fee of $15 for you to stay there for as long as you like. The roomy, loft-like space is located in the centre of Bugis, and it houses up to 20 cats, with special meal times where the customers can actually feed the cats. One of the largest cat cafes in Singapore, The Cat Café is located on the third floor of a building, giving it a watch tower feel for the strays and rescued cats that live there. The Cat Café is filled with ‘cat condos’, toys, and overhead structures, making it the perfect place for our feline pets. You can go there and get yourself some delicious cake and a beverage while you watch the cats have the time of their lives. All of you can sit by the windows and look out into Bugis Street, and children are allowed, as long as they are 6 years old and above: children under 12 need adult supervision.

The Cat Café

241B Victoria Street, Singapore 188030

+65 6338 6815


Cat cafes in Singapore are a rather recent phenomenon that is going down well with customers. Since owning a pet in Singapore is a tedious process, cat cafes exist to provide cat lovers with all the feline company they need. All Singaporean cat cafes are mandated to register with the AVA, obtaining a license from them and they are regulated by the AVA. If you have any questions about cats their health or their needs, you can join the Cat Welfare Society, an organization that these cat cafes also belong to, which helps people with the adoption of cats, their medical fees or sterilization fees.

All cat cafes have their own rules, and you must follow them if you want to get in and enjoy a moment with their cats. So, whenever you are craving a moment with some cute, obnoxious felines, hop on over to one of these cat cafes and have the time of your life cuddling with them.