I’m Perfect In My Imperfections: Love Will Fix Everything

I’m Perfect In My Imperfections: Love Will Fix Everything

Jan 13, 2022
7 min

Just like humans, pets are not perfect. They have flaws. But believe it or not, someone is going to love you for all your imperfections. Bebe, a Schnauzer had been adopted and then rejected at least two times for being ‘naughty’. Luckily for Bebe, he has been adopted into a fur-ever home. In 2015, he met a pet lover with a heart of gold, Bee Ai. “Bebe is my first pet. I adopted him from a pet shop owner who found him wandering around the neighbourhood,”  said Bee Ai. “The pet shop owner is keen to reunite Bebe with his owner after finding him wandered around, but no one reclaims him. Therefore, Bebe goes up for adoption.”






However, the previous owners may not have been prepared for the hard work of training Bebe and taking care of his ears. “The pet shop owner told me that Bebe was surrendered for being naughty within just a few days. In total, Bebe has been sent back at least two times.” Being asked if she was worried about the behavioural problems of Bebe, she answered, “Of course, I did. But I also told myself that I should try my best to be an awesome pet owner. Unexpectedly and fortunately, he fits in my lifestyle completely after just a few months.” There’s going to be an adjustment period after bringing a new pet home. The first couple of days, Bebe peed and pooped all over her house. He also placed himself in the corner and kept away from her. “Maybe he is scared and needs some time to trust me. So I just talked to him every day to make him feel comfortable around me. I started to pet him gently after he approached me. And finally, he reached my bed and slept with me. ”



Schnauzers- Malaysia- Bebe-&-Bee-Ai



A broken heart can be healed by an unconditional love. From fear to trust, from misbehaved to fully house-trained, Bee Ai has invested a great deal of time and efforts in bonding with her beloved furkid. “I believe all these problems can be rectified with patience and love. Bebe is now fully house-trained and is well-behaved. He is sweet, obedient, friendly and loyal, just like other dogs,” said Bee Ai. Almost all behavioural problems are fixable. You can fix them with your love, and love all the imperfections with a big heart. Eventually, you will find yourself richly rewarded in loyalty and love from the furry companion that you choose. Aside from ‘behavioural’ problems, Bebe’s ears require additional attention as his ears smell bad and contain pus. One of his ears has no ear canal too. Since he has chronic ear infections, Bee Ai needs to clean his ears at least once or twice daily. As advised by a vet, she then decided to spend hundreds on an ear surgery for Bebe in order to improve his quality of life. The surgery went very well and Bebe is now very happy, healthy. “Taking care of a dog is not as hard as you think. It simply requires patience and love,” she added. She took the “naughty” dog nobody wanted, and she’s glad she did. “It takes time and efforts to train a dog and build trust with him. But trust me, it’s a rewarding experience. Having a pet can be a lesson in patience,” she said. No pet is perfect, but all pets can be perfectly imperfect. Today, Bebe is surrounded by people who truly appreciated him. We hope his story will inspire others to open their hearts and homes to more pets in need. Find your local shelter and adopt a furry friend!




Love From A Heart Of Gold




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