How To Take Care of Your Pets Skin & Coat? perromart Vet Q&A Series #2

How To Take Care of Your Pets Skin & Coat? perromart Vet Q&A Series #2

Sep 21, 2021
7 min

Much like humans, your pet’s skin and coat are a reflection of their overall health. Like us, pets are also susceptible to skin allergies, be it from food or the environment. In fact, issues with your pet’s skin and coat are one of the top reasons pet owners pay a visit to the vet!



In this episode of perromart’s vet Q&A series, we will be sharing on some frequently asked questions on how to take care of your pets’ skin & coat! Read on or watch the video below!



1) In such hot and humid weather like Singapore, how do I avoid skin issues for my pet?

Humidity and heat can cause more skin issues as it causes skin pores to open, causing more allergens and irritants to be absorbed. Dogs and cats with fluffier and longer coats may have issues with humidity and keeping their coats short and thin with regular grooming will be helpful. Make sure to never shave a double-coated dog. However, pet skin issues vary on the cause, and not all of them are caused by warm weather. Diet and environmental factors like grass or dust might also be causes of skin issues.


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2) Are there any medications to avoid fungal infections or rashes in pets?

There are no direct medications to absolutely prevent these infections as the reason for these infections can vary between pets. Early detection of any lesions and subsequent treatments would be important.


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3) How can I clean my pet’s ears at home?

It’s really simple! Using a pet-friendly ear cleaner solution, pour the designated amount into each ear. After this, give the ear base a good massage and use cotton swabs to gently clean out the ear.


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4) How can I maintain my pet’s paws hygiene at home?

Routine cleaning of the paws with a pet-specific solution or wipes may help. They are gentle and able to clean your pet’s paws properly, especially after a walk. Remember to clean between the toes as that’s where the most dirt and debris are caught in.


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5) How often should I brush my pet’s coat? What should be the frequency to brush my pet’s coat?

A general ballpark would be at least once a week but it would depend on the breed. Fluffier fur coats will require more brushing, even up to twice and thrice daily while shorter coats will require less brushing.


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6) How to clean my pet’s eyes and how often should I clean my pet’s eyes?

If your pet is prone to getting eye discharge or eye goop, you can just use a cotton pad and warm it up with warm water and gently use that to clean away the goop! Be sure to dry it after and prevent any hairs from entering the eyes! Alternatively, there are eye-cleaners meant just for cats that you may use as well.


If your pet is prone to getting eye goop or discharge, you may do so daily! Otherwise, cleaning it after bath would be great.


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7) How often should I bathe my pet? And what precautions do I have to take during my pet’s bath?

Once a week is usually ideal for dogs but some dogs may require less frequent showers depending on their fur coat while cats should take a shower once every 4-6 weeks! Make sure not to get any water into their ears and be sure to properly dry them after the shower.


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