How To Keep Your Cat Litter Tray Clean

How To Keep Your Cat Litter Tray Clean

Sep 21, 2021
11 min

Cats are very fastidious creatures and this trait extends to their litter box. Any issue that they can find with regards to the litter box –location, size, design, type of litter, cleanliness etc.– can have an effect on whether they will use the litter box or not.

Keeping the litter box clean and free of any odors is very important. Cats have an extremely keen sense of smell. In fact, it is about 14 times as sensitive as that of humans. Thus, what seems odor-free to you may not be to your furball’s satisfaction.

Litter box maintenance is an important responsibility of cat parents. It simply involves making a habit of it and following a system to efficiently carry out the task. Here are some tips to solve litter box smells and messes:

Choose the right type of litter box

Cats have their own preferences about a lot of things, even the design of their litter box. The Cat Litter Tray has an open-box design and a removable top rim so you can easily scoop out the litter and do spot cleaning. The rim on its sides gives the cat some privacy when doing their business while preventing litter or pee from spilling out. You can place a Clean by Paw Made Reusable Litter Mat to prevent spilling of litter when the cat is inside and the spreading of litter from the cat’s paws after using the box. The litter mat is reusable. Its top layer has large holes where the litter falls to the bottom layer that is made of a plastic, waterproof film. You can easily pull back the top layer of the mat so you can dispose of the litter in a proper manner.

Choose a good location

Just like real estate, the location of the litter box is very important. First, cats hate doing their business in a spot where there are no possible exit routes in case there is a perceived threat. Second, cats hate any disturbance or distractions while they are inside the litter box. Third, the litter box should be in a location that is visible to you so you won’t forget your daily maintenance duties.

Scoop regularly

When a cat urinates on a clumping litter, clumps are formed which can make it easier to scoop. The litter also coats the poop so it won’t stick to the scoop. Scooping should be done at least twice a day (or more) and disposed of properly. The Cat Love Clean Litter Scoop is excellent for use in all types of litter, including clay and clumping litters. There may be a need to add some fresh litter to replace what was removed during scooping. To keep the litter clean and smelling fresh, spray a natural disinfectant and deodorant spray like JoyPet Natural Deodorant Spray Cat Odor. It’s composed of natural antibacterial ingredients, 100% natural plant extract, and green tea extract which is a natural deodorizer.

Proper waste disposal

How and where you dispose of your cat’s waste can affect odor issues in your household. There are now waste disposal setups that are designed to confine all the odors from the disposed litter box waste.

Thorough cleaning of the litter box

Even if you regularly scoop lumps and clumps and topping up with fresh and clean litter, the box itself will need to be cleaned thoroughly on a weekly basis. The litter box contents need to be emptied into a garbage bag and tied securely before it is disposed of in the trash. Although there are types of litters that are flushable, it is not advisable to dump the contents of an entire litter box into the toilet.

The box is then washed thoroughly with unscented dishwashing soap and hot water. Rinse thoroughly and make sure it is entirely dry before filling it up again with fresh, new litter. If you are using non-clumping litter, emptying and washing of the litter box is done more frequently because urine tends to collect at the bottom of the box, which can emit a very strong odor.

To make sure that there are no residual unpleasant aroma that remains after scooping or cleaning of the litter box, apply Simple Solution Cat Litter Box Odor Eliminator For Cats. Its Oxy Charged® formula bonds with cat urine at a molecular level, changing microscopic particles into odorless compounds. It breaks down any remaining urine and feces that are responsible for litter box odors. With its patented 3-in-1 nozzle sprayer, you can use it for everyday litter box maintenance, during litter changes, and to combat strong odor issues in areas where your kitty frequents. Because it contains natural ingredients, it is safe for use around your children and pets.

Keep cleaning supplies handy

The scoop, dustpan, brush, paper towels, and spray cleaner should be in a place where you can easily reach for them when you have to clean the litter box.

Invest in an odor eliminator set-up

The PETKIT PURA AIR Smart Odor Eliminator is designed to help eliminate undesirable odors from the litter box while keeping the air fresh. The outstanding features of the set-up include the following:

  • It runs in 2 modes– the inductive mode works anytime the cat enters the covered zone; the intermittent mode which runs automatically every 6 hours.
  • It’s filter is extracted from 20 plants, thus it is safe and free from any toxins. The natural aroma can last for up to 3 months.
  • It has an infrared thermal system which can detect pets entering the covered range, causing the automatic release of natural aroma.
  • An air purifier releases negative ions to deactivate viruses and absorb dust thus purifying the air.
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