How to Keep Dry Food Fresh Longer

How to Keep Dry Food Fresh Longer

Sep 21, 2021
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Did you know? Improper storage of dry pet food can lead to food poisoning, pest contamination, upset stomach, and alter food taste. Especially in the summer, the humidity and high temperature can increase the risk of developing these issues. In order to keep your pet healthy, you should provide them with fresh and proper meals every day.

Getting the right food for your pet is not enough. You still need to learn how to store it properly to keep it fresh and nutritionally rich. Improperly stored food can become rancid, fusty, and soggy, which your pet will not enjoy eating and can also fall sick. Let’s further discuss everything associated with dry pet food and how it will stay fresh for longer.

Common problems with pet dry food

Leaving your pet’s food unsealed can cause many unwanted external elements to penetrate that can hinder its freshness. Unnecessary exposure to dust and humidity can cause foul smells, worms, and other bacterial contaminants. Some of the common problems associated with false storage practices of dry food can lead to the development of the following:


Weevils are small beetles that can develop in any grain or unsealed packaged food at your home. If you buy your pet’s dry food in bulk, make sure to keep it in an air-tight container to prevent weevils’ infestation. Luckily, they do not harm you or your pet as they don’t carry any diseases. But change the taste of the food, and obviously, they are unsightly.


Worms are common pantry pests that can be found in dry food packages. They can be easily infested and spread around in your pantry or home through just a box of unsealed cereal or other dry food. In order to avoid your pet’s food getting worms infested in it, you should keep them in a sealed container.

Mould/foul smell

Toxins in the environment can easily contaminate dry pet food, resulting in mouths and unpleasant smells. Dry food is susceptible to mould growth. Therefore, keep a regular check on your pet’s food and store it safely to prevent moulds and foul smells. If you suspect any suspicious smell, don’t feed the dry food to your pet.

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What are the causes?

Almost every dry food comes with a warning statement to store in a cool and dry place. This is because any exposure to air can feed harmful bacteria and lead to the growth of weevils, worms, and mould. Your pantry or kitchen closed should have a controlled environment away from moisture and temperature fluctuations. Else, it can spoil your pet’s favorite food.

The most common causes of dry pet food spoilage include the following:

Improper storage practices

Rancidity is common in food exposed to high temperatures. If you don’t store dry food in an air-tight container, temperature fluctuations can spoil it. Apart from temperature, exposure to air and moisture can cause harmful bacteria to penetrate and drive the development of moulds, mildews, and weevils. Also, if the food is directly poured into an external container to be stored in, this could spoil the food quickly as the scratches in the container can hold bacteria so the original bag is better as it has an oil-resistant liner that helps retain flavor.

Try storing your pet’s food in proper tins, cans, bins & more!

Placed under direct sunlight

Keeping dry food under direct sunlight can create moisture in the container or package, leading to mould and buds’ growth. Your pet will refuse to eat contaminated food with a foul smell and might fall sick after consumption. Sunlight is dry food’s nemesis which can spoil the food and cause bacterial contamination in it.

Using wet scoop

A single drop of moisture in your dry food can ruin the complete package in no time. You should be cautious while storing and serving it. Using a dedicated spoon or spatula can help prevent any wet scoop interference, which can cause mould.

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Tips on how to prevent your dry pet food spoilage

Air-tight Containers

Storing dry food is normal science which everybody can learn. Just remember a few things. Use an air-tight container, do not pour out the food, keep the original packaging in the container as well.

Freezing dry food

Dry food stays intact in the freezer for up to 9 months or maybe longer. Therefore, storing dry pet food in your freezer can be a great option to prevent weevils, worms, and mold infestation.

Storing in a dry place

Moisture is the root cause of bacterial contamination and other bugs’ growth. Make sure to store in a cool dry space away from sunlight

Using dry scoops & containers

Many people keep the dry food in a cool, dry place away from sunlight but are not vigilant with the container and scoops they are using. Wet containers and spoons can spoil the food quickly. Before storing the food, make sure scoops / container is completely dry before using. Also, dedicate one spoon for dry pet food and keep it inside the container to avoid wet spoon insertion mistakes.

Keeping your pet’s food fresh and healthy is a must in order not to put your dog’s health in danger. One little mistake and your pet’s dry food can get spoiled. Take care of your pet’s favorite food as well as your pet!

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