How To Fix A Dog Toy So It’s Just Like New

How To Fix A Dog Toy So It’s Just Like New

Sep 21, 2021
6 min

Does your dog love his toys to pieces? Literally? The new squeaky toy that you just gave him this morning may be in bits and pieces when you return home at night. If you have a growing pile of “injured” toys, don’t throw them away. With some work and patience, you can get them back into circulation. Repairing toys does not always mean you should be an expert tailor or seamstress. You just have to be eager to learn and have your sewing supplies handy, such as a needle, thread or embroidery floss, squeakers, cloth (batting, felt, or scrap material).

Why do my dog destroy his toys?

There are a few reasons that could contribute to this. It ranges from prey drive to boredom, to teething and wrong reinforced behaviour. Read more about why dogs destroy toys here!

How to repair a dog toy?

Step 1: Stock up on supplies! You won’t need much to fix the broken toys but will definitely require a sewing kit, replacement squeakers (if it has been torn apart as well) and some cotton, felt, or scrap material to “fluff the toy up”!

Step 2: Keep the squeaker (the old or a new one) more secure by encasing it in a strong type of fabric, like felt, so your dog will have a more difficult and challenging time removing it. For the purpose, use two felt squares which are a little bit larger than the squeaker and sew its edges securely before sliding the encased squeaker back into the toy with the stuffing.

Step 3: If there are holes or tears in the toy, repair them first by turning the empty toy inside out. Sew a patch of fabric over each hole to seal and cover it. After all the small holes have been covered and sealed, turn the toy right side out. It’s time to put the stuffing back inside. Insert the squeaker when about half of the stuffing is inside the toy before continuing to add the rest of the stuffing material. If some stuffing had been pulled out and is lost, add some by packing some batting. You can use a new or old filling that you had rescued. Cut-up pieces of soft fabric can also be used for the purpose.

Step 3: Secure all the edges of the toy using a sewing machine to make a basic topstitch. It is recommended to do it twice so it will be more durable. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can always sew by hand using a string of embroidery floss in making a blanket stitch to firmly close the edges of the toy.

Step 4: After your dog’s toy has been repaired, throw it in the washer to make it “squeaky clean” before giving it to your dog. Do NOT wash the toys before you fix them as you could end up with a mountain of fluff and lost squeakers!

If your dog’s favorite toy is damaged, try repairing it by following our steps above! Or if you’re like me and really can’t sew for nuts, simply head to an online pet shop to buy your dog toy online! Either way, your dog is going to love you and see you as his hero!

Image credit: iStock.com/Chalabala