How to Calm Your Pets

How to Calm Your Pets

Dec 27, 2021
9 min

As pet parents, the last thing you want is to see your pet get stressed out or have anxiety. Seeing them in that state of mind can also make you feel the same way as your pets or even worse, you might feel lost and confused. In this article, you can find out more about how to help overcome these situations and to keep your pet happy and calm. 



Why are your pets stressed? 

There are many varying factors that can cause your pet to get stressed. Here are some common factors: 


  • Having their own personal space invaded. Pets can be territorial and having someone or another pet be in the same space as them can cause them to have stress. 


  • New environment. New environment includes going to a new home, visiting a new place such as the vet. When your pet is being put in an environment outside of the comforts of their own home, it can cause confusion and lead to stress. Being in a new environment can cause an overstimulation as new sounds, smells and sight are being introduced to them. 


  • Loud noises. Loud noises include fireworks and thunderstorms. This is because pets are more sensitive to sound. These sudden loud noises can shock and scare your pet. 


  • Being left alone. When you leave your pets alone at home alone, it can cause emotional stress or separation anxiety. 



Signs that your pet is having anxiety/stress 

Here are some of the common signs or symptoms that indicate that your pet might be under stress or having anxiety. 


  • Changes in eating habits. Your pet might be eating less than usual or even eating more. Even their favourite food or treats does not excite them. 


  • Excessive grooming. Your pet might be licking or grooming themselves excessively to the point that there are bald spots. This can be a sign of distress. 

  • Sudden aggression. Your pet is suddenly aggressive towards you such as excessively barking or not open to affection. It is normal for your pets to bark once in a while, however, excessive barking at someone or something can be a sign that your pet is in distress. 

  • Hiding. Your pet might be hiding from the thing that is causing distress. For example, when there is someone new in their personal space. 



What can you do to help your pets

When your pet shows signs of distress or anxiety, you might not know the best solution to make your pet feel better. Therefore, you can try some of these methods to see which works best for your pet. 


  • Identify the stressor. Finding the root cause of their stress should be the priority before other steps. This will ensure other solutions to calm your pets can be effective. 


  • Provide a safe space. When moving into a new house, take out your pet’s items first such as their bedding, their favourite toy or their food bowls. This will give your pet a sense of familiarity. You can also place these items in a small room to avoid overwhelming your pet. 


  • Exercise. When your pet is cooped up at home alone, exercise can be the right solution. Bring your pet out for a walk for some fresh air and for them to release some stress. This is also great because you can also get some exercise at the same time too! 


  • Visit the vet. Sometimes, the best solution is to seek a professional’s opinion. They can provide the best solutions for your pet. 


  • Use products. There are many stress support products that can help your pet to keep their zen. Whether it be something edible or something that they wear. This can help combat their stress and anxiety.  


At the end of the day, it is important to suit the needs of your pet. Knowing your pet’s personality and observing their behavior is the best way to identify their stress signals. Like humans, all pets are different and something that works on other pets might not work on your pet. Just be patient and understanding towards your pets! 



Products that can help your pets

For Dogs: 

Pooch & Mutt Calm & Relaxed Training Treats 

Natural hand-baked treats that contain chamomile which is effective to aid relaxation. 


LIQ Stress Antioxidant Liquid Dog Treats 

Tasty low-calorie treats that can support your dog in stressful situations. 


For Cats: 

Thundershirt Anxiety Calming Solution For Cats

Provides a constant gentle hugging sensation for your cats to feel safe and secure in stressful situations. 


KONG Natural Premium Catnip

Highest quality premium catnip that can be sprinkled on your cat’s scratch pads or bed to give them a calming effect. 


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