How Do I Support My Dog’s Gut Health?

How Do I Support My Dog’s Gut Health?

Jul 20, 2022
11 min

A healthy microbiome is critical to your dog’s overall health, from mental health to nutrient absorption. Dogs have several types of bacteria, and other microbes like fungi in their gastrointestinal tract, collectively called the gut microbiome.

Disorders such as diabetes, immune system reaction, digestive problems, and inflammatory bowel diseases arise when bacteria become out of balance. Luckily, restoring and maintaining your dog’s gut health is possible without using medication that may have adverse reactions.

Here are 8 ways to improve and maintain your dog’s gut health and digestion.

  1. Food

Every nutrient in your dog’s food has a role in supporting his digestive health. An imbalanced diet may most likely impact the type of bacteria that lives in your pup’s gut. So, the best way to improve and maintain your dog’s gut health is by providing him with a healthy diet.

There are so many food options to feed your dog such that it can be hard to know if you’re making the right choice. However, you can try any food rich in omega 3 and 6 and those that are grain-free. Try Ziwipeak Mackerel and Lamb Canned Dog Food, Zignature Salmon Formula Dog Canned Food, or PetKind Beef Tripe Dog Dry Food for best results.

  1. Supplements 

Numerous supplements can help maintain your dog’s digestive function. The best ones are those your vet recommends specifically for your furry friend. Veterinarians often recommend supplements like omega fatty acids for dogs with skin and coat issues, probiotics for those with digestive problems, and glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs with joint problems. Below are some supplements that will provide gut health benefits to your dog.

  1. Hygiene

Regular grooming and bathing are essential for your dog’s gut health. For example, your dog’s mouth is a gateway to a healthy gut microbiome. Your dog sends thousands of bacteria from the mouth down the gastrointestinal tract to the stomach every time he swallows. These microbes are highly affected by whatever lives in the mouth.

Dangerous microbes like Salmonella and Candida albicans often accumulate in your dog’s mouth leading to diarrheal diseases and leaky gut. You can increase friendly bacteria in the gut by growing friendly bacteria in your dog’s mouth. Therefore, daily dental hygiene is essential for keeping a well-balanced oral microbiome.

  1. Mental Health

Your dog’s mental health is critical in promoting his gut health and vice versa. Gut bacteria release most of a dog’s hormones, which dictates how your dog feels, including tiredness, hunger, and stress levels. Therefore, you can take care of your dog’s mental health by promoting his gut health and the other way round.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is good for your dog’s healthy bacteria. Research suggests that more physically active dogs have healthier guts, which supports digestion, good immune health, and even mood. A lot happens when dogs exercise; more oxygen reaches their brains and bloodstream, their core body temperature heats up, and there’s a redistribution of blood flow. These conditions enable beneficial bacteria to flourish, promoting your dog’s gut health.

  1. Environment

The living environment has a significant impact on the gut bacteria in dogs. Most bacteria aren’t harmful to dogs; only a tiny portion may make them sick. You can improve the bacterial diversity of your dog by exposing him to different environments. You can do so by letting him roll in the mud, taking him swimming, and by also allowing your dog to play with other dogs.

  1. Medication 

Some medications may alter gut bacteria and increase health risks. Although they are sometimes necessary, antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria, keeping infection at bay. Your dog’s own body microbes effectively kill certain oral diseases and maintain immune cells. So, some medications can be avoided by improving the gut microbiome.

  1. Regular Vet Checkups

Take your dog for regular vet checkups for further examinations. Your vet will be able to advise you accordingly on how you can safely make dietary changes to improve your dog’s gut health and prevent any infections from arising because gut diseases tend to get worse without treatment. Depending on your dog’s condition, your vet will tell you when to bring him back for the next general checkup. You may check out our vet > perrovets!

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