Here Are Our Top 10 Best Selling Grain Free Foods (Cats & Dogs)

Here Are Our Top 10 Best Selling Grain Free Foods (Cats & Dogs)

May 27, 2022
11 min

The popularity and demand for grain-free cat and dog food have surged recently because of their vast benefits. Grain-free formulas are among the many top choices pet owners have when looking for the best meal for their pets. Pet owners want the best dog food for their pets, and grain-free foods have proven to be the best for some cats and dogs, especially those with special needs. In this guide, we will highlight and review the best-selling grain-free for cats and dogs. But first, let us walk you through the benefits of grain-free formulas.

Health Benefits of Grain-Free Food

1.    Easy on the Digestive System

One of the core benefits of grain-free pet food is that they are easy on the digestive system. These formulas often contain only limited ingredients. They contain well-known protein sources and highly digestible ingredients, which are friendly to the digestive system. The alternative carb sources in these diets provide a substantial amount of fiber to help boost digestion and enhance the pet’s digestive system.

2.    Reduces the Chances of Allergies

One of the common reasons many pet parents switch to grain-free food is allergies. Some pets are allergic to certain grains. Sometimes, it might just be a single grain source. However, it can be challenging to determine the exact grain type your pet is allergic to. Hence, many pet owners avoid grain-inclusive foods completely.

Grain-inclusive foods are not bad for dogs, as grains are a great source of carbs and fiber, providing your pup or cat with all the energy they need. Nevertheless, some pets exhibit allergy symptoms like constipation, skin rash, vomiting, frequent infection, diarrhea, and excessive gas when eating grain-inclusive diets.

3.    Better Skin and Coat

Grain-free foods also help enhance the skin and coat health of cats and dogs. They contain omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, which help maintain a shiny coat and healthy skin. These products also contain other essential oils such as flaxseed, duck fat, salmon oil, etc.

Our Top Selling Grain-Free Foods for Dogs

  • Absolute Holistic Grain-Free Salmon and Peas Dog Food: This formula has zero grains and gluten. The formula comprises 70 percent meat and superfoods, 30 percent carbs, vitamins, and mineral supplements, and zero percent by-products, grains, and allergens. It contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, providing your dog with balanced grain-free nutrition.
  • Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream with Smoked Salmon Dog Food: Taste of the Wild is a brand that no longer needs an introduction in the pet food market. This grain-free formula from this brand provides naturally sourced antioxidants for digestive health support. It also contains natural sources of probiotics and prebiotics to support a healthy immune and digestive system, ensuring adequate nutrient absorption.
  • Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes, and Peas Dog Food: This formula contains healthy carb sources to provide your dog with all the energy it needs to remain active all day. It also contains limited ingredients, making it suitable for pets with allergies and sensitivities.
  • NutraGold Grain-Free Whitefish and Sweet Potato: This food contains 24 percent minimum protein. Its primary protein source is whitefish and fish meal. It is also rich in omega fatty acids to nourish your pet’s skin and coat. The formula contains plenty of antioxidant-rich veggies and fruits for enhanced immune health.
  • Zignature Kangaroo Grain-Free Dry Dog Food: This low glycemic, limited ingredient formula is physiologically tuned to provide your canine with all the nutrients it needs. The food contains a novel single-protein source – kangaroo. It is free of fillers and additives like dairy, wheat, by-products, and corn.

Our Top Selling Grain-Free Foods for Cats

  • Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon: This food contains roasted venison and smoked salmon as the primary protein source. It contains sweet potatoes and peas as carb sources, providing your cat with sufficient energy and fiber for healthy digestion. The product is free of corn, by-products, and grain. It is also suitable for cats of all life stages.
  • Solid Gold Grain-Free Chicken & Egg: Solid Gold made this food with a blend of 20 superfoods. The formula also contains plenty of digestible ocean fishmeal and chicken. In addition to being highly nutritious, this formula is delicious. It has an appealing taste and smell.
  • Taste of the Wild Canyon River Feline: Your feline will thank you for this sweet and delicious formula. It provides ideal protein nutrition to help your cat maintain lean body condition. The primary protein source is fish, and it provides highly digestible energy.
  • ORIJEN Cat and Kitten Food: This biologically appropriate diet contains highly nutritious protein sources. It contains wild-caught fish and cage-free eggs, mimicking cats’ ancestral diets.
  • Wishbone Roost Chicken Grain-Free Cat Food: This farm-inspired formula contains all-natural ingredients and no traces of grain, gluten, and other additives. It contains 90 percent protein with essential minerals and vitamins.

There you go! Those are some of the best grain-free cat and dog foods on the market today. These products are great for dogs and cats with allergies and sensitive skin and stomachs.  If you want to find out the difference between grain and grain-free food. Check out this blog post!