Dog Training Tips: How To Start Lure Coursing Training

Dog Training Tips: How To Start Lure Coursing Training

Sep 21, 2021
6 min

There are various ways of dog training, and finding the one that works best for you is vital to having a healthy, talented and loyal member of the family. In this article, we will focus on one of the oldest dog training : Lure coursing training.


Lure coursing is a game where dogs pursue a mechanised lure. Modern lure courses employ an artificial lure appended to a pulley for dogs to pursue. The game is not only for sighthounds (numerous entertaining lure coursing organizations have been created for dogs of all breed. The game has a long history) it has been traced to 4000 years old Egyptians tomes having a description of coursing with long-legged hounds. A popular game among affluent landowners who have large hunting grounds to practice.




In the early 70s, Lyle Gillette and other sighthound lovers developed a convenient, controlled coursing event that is usually seen today in California. They needed to make a kind of game that could be enjoyed without any harm or danger imposed on the dogs. He created a mechanical lure made of plastic bags or artificial coat. The lure is then kept running from a string through an arrangement of pulleys in an open field – inspiring the thrill of the pursuit in a safer and controlled environment.



Basic of Lure Coursing

The fundamental principles of lure training are designed to meet three objectives: to train the dog to pursue the lure directly; to train the dog to run around and also to train the dog to be attentive to the lure and disregards the next dog running along.

You can take your dog to a nearby lure coursing club – let him sit and watch the competition. And if you choose to register your dog in the competition, be sure to let them know it’s your dog first time. They’ll always be able to decide a convenient occasion where your dog can run the course independently to get a feel of it. If there is no lure coursing club near, you can construct your own very easily.

Make use of a plastic bag or small toy and attach it to a line. Stimulate your dog desire to chase by playing with him for a while. At the beginning, let the dog win and catch the lure for a couple of time. Let him play with it for a minute, but not enough to get bored of it. Allowing the dog to catch it sometimes encourages him to continue trying.

Maintain brief sessions to sustain the dog attention and enthusiasm. If it does not get energized by your homemade lure attempt, try adding some treats into the bag. If your dog likes squeaky toys, attach one of his favourite toy on the line. Make use of your own voice commands like “pursue it” or “Catch the lure”. Keep it fun and don’t overexert your dog!