Dog Runs In Singapore

Dog Runs In Singapore

Sep 21, 2021
9 min

Land may be sparse in Singapore, but thankfully there are areas around the island that our active canines can enjoy. Here’s a list of dog runs in Singapore.

1. Bishan/Ang Mo Kio Dog Run

This is one of the most popular places that dog owners bring their dogs to! Spanning over 3km and being smack in the middle of Bishan & Ang Moh Kio (Central Singapore), it’s no wonder why the dog run’s always full of dogs! Additionally, you may spruce yourself up with a spritzer and some water for Spot at the nearby café, Canopy, that permits your dog and you to spend some quality time at the alfresco area.

Address: Along Bishan Road and Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

Light Operation Hours: Until 22:00

How to get there: Bus services 50, 53, 55 & 58 from Ang Mo Kio/Bishan Bus Interchange.

2. West Coast Dog Run

West Coast Dog Run is also pretty popular among dog owners. They provide this pretty cool self service Dog Wash Center, where you get to wash off all the grime and soil off your dogs for about $10 for 10 minutes. Unfortunately it’s only currently available at West Coast Park at the moment, so hold on to your horses as this handy service may branch out to other parks in the near future.

Address: Pasir Panjang Road, parallel to West Coast Highway

Light Operation Hours: Until 19:00

How to get there: Bus Service 143 from Haw Par Villa MRT

3. Tampines Dog Run

Shout out to all my East Side buddies, HEY GUYS! There’s a dog park in Tampines central park, where the swimming complex and gym is. It’s a spacious area, dog-friendly and definitely The only flaw with the dog run is that it is pretty small, probably half the size of a parade square.

Address: BLK 856 Tampines St 82

Light Operation Hours: Until 22:00

4. Bedok Dog Run

Yes, surprisingly there is a dog run in Bedok, and a special one at that. This beauty’s not contained in a park, springing out of nowhere like a random tumbleweed. Being an “East-Sider”, we all have at least once went to Simpang for supper right? (If you haven’t, you’re sorely missing out!)

But did you know there is a dog run along the cross section of Upper Changi Road and Jalan Pari Burong? You may not be able to see it when you first drive past, although it’s facing the main road, as the gate’s a little hard to spot. Just take your time, it’s there. Follow the sound of the barks…

Address: Cross section of Upper Changi Road and Jalan Pari Burong

5. Katong Dog Run

Another gem in the East area, you can pop by this area if you are sick of the usual East Coast Park route. Not only that, you can off-leash your dog in an enclosed area! Your dog would be able to sniff all the pups butt and grass without feeling restrained by its leash. This place is still quite underrated as compared to other runs, so this may be a good place for your own ‘private’ dog gatherings!

6. Sembawang Park Dog Run

With a 2,700m² spacious open area, let your dog run free! Best of all, it’s pretty hidden and near the sea. Up for more adventure? You can head to the beach nearby and chill at the dog run when you are tired! There are benches for humans to sit on, which is definitely a plus point!

Address: Sembawang Park, Sembawang Rd

7. Clementi Woods Dog Run

Surrounded by tall trees and natural vegetation, Clementi Woods dog run is a welcoming retreat for those looking to enjoy nature and greenery! Other than the dog run, you can bring your dog for a long walk at one of its tree-lined footpaths! The dog run is also located to the end, which is nearer to the mall. There is a water point outside the public toilets.

Address: 152 West Coast Rd

8. Pasir Ris Dog Run

Situated just beside Pet Movers, enjoy a space for your dogs to interact with other dogs. It is definitely a great space if you don’t mind your dogs getting wet in the mini pool! Also, there are dog obedience classes there every weekend. If you are looking to bring a new furry member home, look no further than Animal Lovers League. You will be sure to find a new fluff, just next to the dog run!

Address: 4 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore 519318

Time to pack your gears! YES. It’s time to bring out your pooches and let them mingle with other doggies. Who knows you dog owners will be swapping your dogs Instagram account names! Now, that’s healthy competition, I call it! Also, don’t forget to bring some poop bag along, clean after them, yes?