Do Dental Chews Work?

Do Dental Chews Work?

Jun 9, 2022
10 min

The pet supply market is one of the largest in the world today. Pet owners spend millions of dollars yearly on accessories, toys, food, health care products, dental chews, and treats for their beloved furry friends. We all know the importance of oral health for pets, especially dogs. However, many pet parents are wondering how these dental products work.

There are many dental products for dogs on the market, including dental chews, rinses, treats, foods, etc. However, the most common amongst them is dental chews. So, are dental chews as effective as claimed? How do dental chews work?

Do Dental Chews Work?

The question “do dental chews work?” is a bit tricky. In general, dental chews work; they are highly effective. However, whether or not a dental chew works depends on the product you choose and how it is used. Many pet parents put in a lot of effort to brush and clean their pet’s teeth, but some find it challenging because their pets will not cooperate.

The best dental chews and treats have the potential to help reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque in a pet’s mouth. These dental chews are not a substitute for regular dental cleaning, but they come in handy in keeping the mouth clean and breath fresh.

How Do Dental Chews Work?

Dental chews are preventative oral care for pets – dogs and cats. These products are designed to help maintain a healthy mouth and fresh breath throughout your pet’s life. When a dog gnaws or chews these dental products for some time, the salivary glands are stimulated, producing and releasing more saliva into the mouth.

Saliva contains a good amount of healthy antibacterial, which when paired with the scrubbing effect from the pet chew, can significantly reduce and control the buildup of tartar and plaque. Dental chews scrap the teeth as the pet chews on them, helping keep plaque away.

However, the effectiveness of a dental chew depends on the product you buy. It is best you always opt for the best product if you want to see significant changes in your dog’s oral health. To your dog, the dental chew will serve as a treat or candy, but it turns out they have many hygiene benefits. Remember, even the best dental chews should not replace regular brushing and cleaning.

In addition, the benefits of these dental chews go beyond minimizing the buildup of plaque and tartar. These chews provide other great benefits like healthier teeth and gums. They also help reduce the number of bacteria in a dog’s mouth by 60 to 70 percent. The chews also provide several health benefits, as some are made with premium ingredients.

Nevertheless, you should consider your dog’s needs before picking a dental chew for them. Some dogs have sensitive stomachs and skin, so you should buy products free of allergy-triggering ingredients. The size and age of your canine friend would also determine the kind of chew to buy. Opt for chews that they cannot swallow easily, which could result in more severe issues.

Product Recommendations

  • Wanpy All Natural Toothbrush Beef Chew Dog Treats: This dental chew is made with 100 percent natural ingredients. It is formulated to reduce tartar buildup and promote healthy chewing. The product is rich in protein and low in fat, making it a healthy treat for dogs on a weight management diet.
  • Twistix Mint Dental Chews: This product will help remove plaque and tartar buildup in your canine’s mouth, leaving it with a clean mouth. It has a peppermint flavor to leave your pet with fresh breath. The product is free of corn and wheat, making it a great option for pets with allergies. Furthermore, the formula consists of all-natural ingredients. The product is easily digestible, and it enhances digestive health.
  • Absolute Bites Whole Deer Antlers Dental Chew: This dental chew is made with 100 percent natural whole deer antlers. It is made with limited ingredients, making it suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and skin. This product provides various health benefits besides cleaning your dog’s mouth and freshening its breath. It contains collagen and amino acid, helping protect your furry friend’s joints, tendons, and muscles.
  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Care: This is a natural remedy for your dog’s stinky breath problems. The dental chew is delicious; even the fussiest eaters cannot reject it. It contains many natural remedies, supplements, and vitamins for superior oral health and total body wellness.
  • Altimate Pet Dental Chew: This easily digestible dental chew is formulated to help freshen your dog’s breath and maintain healthy gums. It is highly nutritional and delicious, providing your pet with many health benefits besides oral health.

Your dog’s oral health is of utmost importance, and you need to pay close attention to it. Dental chews are highly effective (when you pick the best products). They can reduce plaque and tartar buildup and freshen your dog’s breath.

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